Albania Safer Internet Day Committee Albania Safer Internet Day Committee


Safer Internet in ALBANIA is organized by Minister for Innovation and ICT in cooperation with other stakeholders.

1. The National Conference on Child on-Line Safety (Click...Respect) hold in Tirana, Albania on 5th February with participation of:

  • Mr. Genc POLLO -Minister of Information and ICT,
  • Mr. Myqerem TAFAJ - Minister of Education and Science,
  • Mr. Alexander A. ARVIZU - U.S. Ambasador to Albania
  • Mr. Ettore SEQUI - EU Delegation Ambasador to Albania
  • Mr. Detlef PALM - UNICEF Representative in Albania
  • Mr. Marc LEIDEKKER - CoE Representative in Albania
  • Mr. Arsen KURTI - General Manager of Microsoft in Albania
  • Mr. Rein DEKKER - World Vision Representative in Albania

2. With the support and ecouragement of the Minister of Inovation and ICT, on 7th February 2013, Telco's and different stakeholders signed the Code of Conduct for RESPONSIBLE AND SECURE USAGE OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION NETWORKS AND SERVICES IN ALBANIA.

The Code of Conduct was signed by:

  • ALBTELECOM & EAGLE MOBILE sh.a.                                               
  • ALBANIA MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS sh.a.                 
  • VODAFONE ALBANIA sh.a.                                                                  
  • PLUS COMMUNICATIONS sh.a.                                        
  • ABCOM sh.p.k.                                                                     
  • ABISSNET sh.a.                                                                    
  • TRING TV sh.a.                                                           

The Code of Conduct remains open for signature.

3. TV-spots SaferInternet awareness campaign on national TV


Minister of Inovation and ICT