NATIC Network, a Latin American Network to protect children and teenagers in Internet, led by Chicos.net Asociation.

NATIC Network is formed by a group of civil society organizations in Latin America, committed to promoting the rights of children and adolescents to a safe and responsible use of new communication and information technologies. These organizations have a common framework approach based on the Rights of Children and shared values, principles and objectives.

NATIC Network`s member are the following organizations from the Region: Paicabi from Chile, QueVeo from Chile, RedPapaz from Colombia, Paniamor from Costa Rica, DNI from Costa Rica, ASI from México, Save The Children from México, Global Infancia from Paraguay, Gurises Unidos from Uruguay. Chicos.net from Argentina is leading the net during 2014.

NATIC has the website www.rednatic.org with the news and the resourses that produce each organization to promote Safer Internet, has organized three regional meetings, and has implemented common programmes and initiatives with direct impact on children and teenagers. To 2014, the goal is the production of a Theoretical Basis Regional Document about Children Rights in Internet to influence public policies in Latin America.

The network has a board of experts from different areas as Medicine, Psychology, Communication, Education and Law that support its mission and values.

We invite you to visit NATIC Network sites:

About Chicos.net

CHICOS.NET: Innovating projects for children’s and youngsters education and social inclusion

Chicos.net was founded in 1998 to develop web-based contents specially aimed at spanish speaking children. Since then the association, has carried out projects intended to disseminate culture and education, foster participation and communication among children and youngsters in Latin America.Thus, Chicos.net implements initiatives that promote children’s rights, contributing to their overall protection and giving them a wider scope of opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our mission
Chicos.net Works for children’s and teenager’s rights and promotes their full participation in issues that involve them.

Our Vision
Chicos.net works towards:

  • Ensuring respect for the views of children.
  • Providing them all with opportunities.
  • Promoting digital inclusion and education in digital citizenship for all disadvantaged communities.

Our team
Chicos.net boasts a multi-disciplinary team that has been providing consultancy support, designing and implementing projects that promote children’s and teenagers’ rights, thanks to their experience in this area since 1998.

What we do
The organization develops original projects whose main objective is to give equal access to /democratize information and integrate children from different social groups especially the most vulnerable ones, maximizing the opportunities that access to information technology can bring them.

In the last years, Chicos.net had coordinated several regional projects about the theme. 

Chicos.net children´s web site was appointed by the World Summit Award and the World Summit on the Information Society as one of the five best producers of web-based contents for children around the world ( in 2005) and was nominated finalist of the Stockholm Challenge Awards 2006 out of 1155 proposals submitted from 53 different countries. Nationally, it has twice won the award Mate.ar for the best website for children and in 2001 was awarded the Gold Mate.ar for best website in Argentina.

Who we work with
Chicos.net works in collaboration with government agencies, national and international foundations and corporations who are concerned to guarantee a better quality life to children and adolescents.
Chicos.net is member of the NATIC Network (www.rednatic.org) for the defense of the Children´s Rights at the cyberspace.

We invite you to visit www.chicos.net  and  www.tecnologiasi.org.ar

Chicos.net - Argentina