ARMENIA Safer Internet Day Committee ARMENIA Safer Internet Day Committee

Safer Internet Day in Armenia is aimed at improving citizens' safety in relation to digital media, raising their awareness about Internet risks, privacy and security issues. We organize training programs for schools, offer teaching materials, run nation-wide information campaigns, surveys, round tables and media events. The activities are coordinated by the Armenian Safer Internet Committee, a joint initiative of the Media Education CenterInternet Society of ArmeniaOrange Armenia, the National Center of Educational Technologies of the Ministry of Education and Science, Yerevan City Municipality and other organizations. Every year celebrates Safer Internet Day, run nation-wide information campaigns, organise open lessons, competitions, round tables and other media events. 

Safer Internet Day 2015

Armenian Safer Internet Committee traditionally organises various activities dedicated to the Safer Internet Day, involving secondary and high schools in the capital city of Yerevan and regions. As in previous years a special attention is paid to engaging parents and relevant workshops will be organized for parents. This year 50 schools will be assisted to become the European Schoolnets' eSafety certified schools, which will help them to provide a secure, technology-rich environment for staff and pupils. Re-training of teachers will be organised and 100 teachers from 8 schools in Yerevan and 12 schools in the Tavush region will participate in workshops on blogging. A new educational blogging portal will be launched, and teachers will be trained to produce and publish educational materials.  

On February 10 the Safer Internet Month will be launched and 150 Armenian schools will host Open Lessons in Internet Safety. Over 3000 pupils of secondary and high schools will take part in open lessons. Activities will be completed by May 01. Follow the events and activities in Armenia on

February 20 – March 20 

Training for Teachers of 50 schools. At leats 50 schools will be assisted to become the European Schoolnets' eSafety certified schools. 

February 20 – March 20 
Workshops for Parents will be organised.

February 01 – June 15

Workshops on  blogging for teachers. The launch of the new educational blogging portal. 

Safer Internet 2015 Participants  

180 high and secondary schools in Armenia, 8 urban schools in Yerevan and 6 rural schools in the Tavush region, Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, National Center of Educational Technologies, Yerevan City Municipality, Tavush Municipality, Orange, ISOC, Media Education Center, Kaspersky, Hardware

Safer Internet Armenia

Armenia joined the Safer Internet pan-European initiative in 2009. The national Media Education Center in partnership with Internet Society of Armenia initiated the establishment of the Armenian Safer Internet Day Committee ( is aimed to promote digital literacy in Armenia, improve citizens' safety in relation to digital media, raise citizens' awareness about safe Internet use, promote the protection and education of children and teenagers using the Internet and new on-line technologies, advocate incorporation of Internet Literacy into secondary school curriculum, contribute to the development of public policy in the area of citizens’ safe usage of digital technologies and data protection.

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