BRAZIL Safer Internet Day Committee BRAZIL Safer Internet Day Committee

Safer Internet Day 2015 Activities in Brazil

We are happy to celebrate the seventh Brazilian Safer Internet Day this next 10 February 2015. Once again SaferNet Brasil is coordinating a national mobilization to engage youth, schools, NGO's and authorities to promote a safer internet in Brazil.


The Brazilian Safer Internet Day commission work in different areas to promote educational resources and tips that can be adopted for all to profit the good resources available online. To increase digital citizenship we must strengthen our efforts to educate and prevent cybercrimes below just fight against then. The Internet isn't dangerous itself and we have to promote the opportunities and its potential for all ages, specially for children, working on rights and responsibilities.

The Brazilian Safer Internet Day commission are working to encourage a national debate to highlight the public dimension of cyberspace and the ethical commitment that this dimension implies, considering the challenge of misinterpreting the notion that the Internet is a lawless area where we can do anything with certainty of impunity.

When we talk about a safer Internet we want to talk about digital citizenship, about ethics in this wonderful and planetary new public space, trying to always to respect the culture of diversity that Internet can enrich.

In 2015 we have again the website for Brazilian SID at:

Brazilian schools, public and private institutions and families are all invited to make activities using the available material like videos, lesson plans, games and booklets. The public invitation can be seen at:

All events will be registered at a Map to make easy to find where to go to participate.



For SID 2015 we have planed the following activities:

10/02 - 10:30 am (UTC/GMT -3 hora) - Press Conference to launch:

- New report about Human Rights related cybercrimes from the Brazilian Hotline ( received in 2014;
- Report about main issues at our Brazilian Helpline in 2014
- Data from the second round of the Kids Online Survey in Brazil made by the Center of Studies on Information and Communication Technologies –
- Brazilian Federal Police report about online sexual exploitation prosecutions and arrests

This press conference will take place at the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (  in São Paulo-SP and open by Hangout on Air at:

10/02 - 14:00pm (UTC/GMT -3 hora) Multi-stakeholder debate (Live Hangout)

Debate about the global theme: "Let's create a better Internet together" with the Brazilian Board representatives from Google, Twitter and Unicef, Brazilian Human Rights Ministry, Brazilian Federal Police, Federal Prospectors, SaferNet,  Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( and GVT Telecom. The public will participate sending questions online.  

12/01 until 10/02 - National activities

SaferNet Brazil and are mobilizing different educational and social organizations to make SID related activities. Until now (30/01) we already have more than 61 activities including 44 cities and more than 42.000 people. Brazilian Federal Police will make a National "Educational Operation" in all 27 state capitals. All events scheduled are available at the map of Brazilian activities around SID 2015


- We expect to have Brazilian Portuguese version of the online new Lesson Plans for Web We Want handbook together with European launch planed to this SID 2015

We already have:
- Web We Want Hand Book in Brazilian Portuguese

- Play and Learn in Brazilian Portuguese

- Online exercise about Privacy made from Play and Learn activity:

- Online exercise about Password made from Play and Learn activity:

- Online Quiz about Sexting

- Online Quiz about excessive Internet use

- Web banners for SID 2015 in Brazil

 To achieve these objectives SaferNet Brazil are coordinating the Brazilian Safer Internet Day committee and working to engage different organizations in Brazil.

In 2013 we launched a Brazilian version of 2 online games inspired on the Activity Book: Play and Learn in Brazilian Portuguese and the Brazilian Helpline to strengthen e-safety awareness and cibercitizenship. In 2014 we launched the Brazilian version of the Web We Want booklet. 


Brazilian Safer Internet Day Committee is composed by:

SaferNet Brasil is an NGO founded to protect children online and promote the Human Rights on the Internet. Since 2006 SaferNet runs the Brazilian National Reporting Center of Cybercrimes against Human Rights. We are a civil society body that held formal cooperation agreements with the main public and private institutions in Brazil, such as the Brazilian Federal Attorney General, Federal Police, National Secretariat for Human Rights at the Office of the President of the Republic, Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, GVT, Petrobras and  other NGO's. 
Since 2005 we designed and implemented nationwide social projects aiming at building an Internet safer for children and young people in Brazil, promote responsible use of ICT and create the necessary conditions to ensure the effective protection of Human Rights on the Internet in Brazil. Our aim is to contribute with a culture of accountability to allow children, youngsters and adults to build healthy and safe social networks through the appropriate use of technology.

Over the last 9 years, SaferNet attended the United Nations worldwide event concerning the Internet Governance process and has organized two main workshops to discuss the strategies to prevent and fight child sexual abuse on developing countries. At educational level, SaferNet works in different ways: doing researches about youth online life,  promoting e-Safety workshops with children, teens and educators at main public and private schools, creating National campaigns, videos, Booklets and games to contribute to Digital Media Literacy and citizenship. Find more on our educational website


Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( was created by Interministerial Ordinance 147(link is external), of May 31st, 1995, which was amended by Presidential Decree 4,829(link is external) of September 3rd, 2003, with the purpose of coordinating and integrating all Internet service initiatives in Brazil, as well as promoting technical quality, innovation and the dissemination of the services available. The is comprised of members from the government, the corporate sector, the third sector and the academic community, and as such constitutes a unique Internet governance model for the effective participation of society in decisions involving network implementation, management and use. Based on the principles of multilateralism, transparency and democracy, since July 2004 the has been democratically electing representatives from the civil society to participate in discussions and to debate priorities for the Internet together with the government.

SID Brazil Committee Coordinators:

Hartmut Glaser

Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee/ in Brazil, the entity responsible for all activities of the Brazilian Internet community. These include the registration of Brazil's country code top-level domain, the assignment of IP addresses in Brazil,  the coordination of the Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team, the handling of computer security incident reports, the production of indicators and statistics on the availability and use of the Internet in Brazil, and many other Internet-related promotion and improvement activities.

He earned a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, from which he retired as an assistant professor in the School of Electronic Systems.

Over the years, Mr. Glaser also served as special adviser to the dean of Escola Politécnica at the University of São Paulo, special adviser to the rector of the University of São Paulo; special adviser to the president of the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo, and as coordinator of the Academic Network at São Paulo.

Rodrigo Nejm

Psychologist, PhD candidate in Social Psychology at Federal University of Bahia, researcher at the research Group on Interactions, Digital Technologies and Society - GITS/UFBA  and master degree in Social Management and Development at Federal University of Bahia . Since 2007 work as Educational and Awareness Director at SaferNet Brasil, the NGO responsible for the Brazilian Safer Internet Center. SaferNet work as the Brazilian awareness node and operate the National Helpline and Hotline related to human rights cybercrimes.


Supporting SID Brazil Committe:

National Secretariat for Human Rights at Presidency of The Republic

Brazilian Federal Police

Federal Public Attorney Office 

Unicef Brazil