BRAZIL Safer Internet Day Committee BRAZIL Safer Internet Day Committee

 Safer Internet Day 2014 Activities in Brazil

We are happy to celebrate the sixth Brazilian Safer Internet Day this next 11 February 2014. Once again SaferNet Brasil is coordinating a national mobilization to engage youth, schools, NGO's and authorities to promote a safer internet in Brazil.


The Brazilian Safer Internet Day commission work in different areas to promote educational resources and tips that can be adopted for all to profit the good resources available in cyberspace. To increase digital citizenship we must strengthen our efforts to educate and prevent cybercrimes below just fight against then. The Internet isn't dangerous itself and we have to promote the opportunities and its potential for all ages, specially for children, working on rights and responsibilities

The Brazilian Safer Internet Day commission are working to encourage a national debate to highlight the public dimension of cyberspace and the ethical commitment that this dimension implies, considering the challenge of misinterpreting the notion that the Internet is a lawless area where we can do anything with certainty of impunity.

When we talk about a safer Internet we want to talk about digital Citizenship, about ethics in this wonderful and planetary new public space that is the Cyberspace, trying to always to respect the culture diversity that Internet can enrich.

In 2014 we have again the website for Brazilian SID at:

Brazilian schools, public and private institutions and families are all invited to make activities using the available material like videos, lesson plans, games and booklets. The public invitation can be seen at:

All events will be registered at a Map to make easy to find where to go to participate.


To achieve these objectives SaferNet Brazil are coordinating the Brazilian Safer Internet Day commission and working to engage different organizations in Brazil.

In 2013 we launched a Brazilian version of 2 online games inspired on the Activity Book: Play and Learn in Brazilian Portuguese and the Brazilian Helpline to strengthen e-safety awareness and cibercitizenship. The Helpline runs 24/24 by email and 5/7 6h per day by a chat with specialized psychologists from SaferNet.   

Since 2010  SID committee have the support from GVT Telecom to promote SID activities and the website.


Brazilian Safer Internet Day is organized by:

SaferNet Brasil is an NGO founded to protect children online and promote the Human Rights on the Internet. Since 2006 SaferNet runs the Brazilian National Reporting Center of Cybercrimes against Human Rights. We are a civil society body that held formal cooperation agreements with the main public and private institutions in Brazil, such as the Brazilian Federal Attorney General, Federal Police, National Secretariat for Human Rights at the Office of the President of the Republic, Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, GVT, Petrobras and  other NGO's. 
Since 2005 we designed and implemented nationwide social projects aiming at building an Internet safer for children and young people in Brazil, promote responsible use of ICT and create the necessary conditions to ensure the effective protection of Human Rights on the Internet in Brazil. Our aim is to contribute with a culture of accountability to allow children, youngsters and adults to build healthy and safe social networks through the appropriate use of technology.

Over the last 7 years, SaferNet attended the United Nations worldwide event concerning the Internet Governance process and has organized two main workshops to discuss the strategies to prevent and fight child sexual abuse on developing countries. At educational level, SaferNet works in different ways: doing researches about youth online life,  promoting e-Safety workshops with children, teens and educators at main public and private schools, creating National campaigns, videos, Booklets and games to contribute to Digital Media Literacy and citizenship. Find more on our educational website

In cooperation with:

National Secretariat for Human Rights at Presidency of The Republic

Brazilian Federal Police

Federal Public Attorney Office - MPF

The Cybercrime Unit at Federal Public Attorney Office  in some Brazilian States are engaged to promote also a safer Internet in Brazil, fighting against cybercrimes and also organizing educational workshops for parents, teachers and students.  The group also works in partnership with Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, the Legislature, the Federal Police, SaferNet Brasil, NGOs and the private sector with the objective of strengthening the domestic legal, technological and operational infrastructure to fight against cybercrimes.

Some results of these partnerships include:

  • The publication of the "Cybercrime: A practical guide to research" (2005), fully developed by the Unit, distributed nationally for judges and other law enforcers, with the support given by the Steering Committee of Internet in Brazil;

  • Technical support for the Federal Senate Special Commission for Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse (2008); 

  • A memorandum of understanding with the Brazilian Safernet hotline, through which the unit receives reports of potentially illegal content, assessed by the hotline for investigation (2006);

  • Cooperation with leading Brazilian Internet service providers, who agreed to cooperate and assist federal prosecutors in collecting evidence necessary to identify Brazilian users who use the Internet with the intent to commit crimes (2005);

  • A cooperation agreement with Google Brazil with specific obligations relating to the social networking service popular in the country, Orkut, run by the company. Google agreed to develop mechanisms for filtering data to prevent pornographic images and to facilitate evidence gathering under judicial order in suspected crimes against children and adolescents and racism.