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Colombian committee is conformed by Te Protejo, the first hotline member of the INHOPE Foundation accepted on August 2012, committed in the global fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material and to promote a safety use of the Internet by children.

Safer Internet Day 2015

The activities planned for the Safer Internet Day are the following:

Colombian institutions (both private and public institutions) are working hand in hand to promote a safer Internet for children.

On Feb 10, we are going to organize an event where more than 20 organizations will present their programs to create a better internet foår our children

1. Red PaPaz will promote people to download Te Protejo Mobile App to report situations that affect children, specially child sexual abuse material, commercial sexual exploitation, bullying and cyber bullying. It is available in Spanish

2. Google Colombia will present their new block warning advices, which prevent the access to child sexual abuse material, and invite people to report this illegal content using Te Protejo. Additionally Google warnings have information on how to prevent sexual abuse online using the Kit PaPaz Conectados para Protegerte ( - only in Spanish)

What are we doing to create a better internet

1. Te Protejo works daily to prevent and fight against child sexual abuse material online. Since the hotline was launched on May 2012 until today, have received 13147 reports, from which 6028 refer to child sexual abuse material online. Thanks to Te Protejo, 2307 illegal URLs have been blocked.

2. Kit PaPaz Conectados para Protegerte was designed to help parents, teachers to prevent sexual abuses online. It has frequent asked questions that will help them to prevent and manage these abuses.

3. On 2014, Telefonica presented the results of the Global Millennial Survey which showed that 75% of the Colombians aged 18 to 30 interviewed have mobiles with Internet access that are mainly used to access online social networks, make calls and watch videos. 92% of them are worried about their online security and privacy.

4. Microsoft signed the Student Privacy Pledge, a guide to handle student data.

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