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Colombian committee is conformed by Te Protejo, the first hotline member of the INHOPE Foundation accepted on August 2012, committed in the global fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material.
The hotline has 5 partners, Ministry of Technology, ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare), Fundación Telefónica, Foro de Generaciones Interactivas from Spain and Red PaPaz (administrator of the hotline). Te Protejo works in had with Colombian National Police to fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material.

Additionally, Red PaPaz has organised a focus group that work for the safety of children online. Members of this group are the following: Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, Secretary of Education of Bogotá, National Police (Unidad de Delitos Informáticos DIJIN), Cámara Colombiana de Informática y Telecomunicaciones, ETB, Fundación Telefónica, UNE, EnRedo, Google Colombia, Foro de Generaciones Interactivas de España and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.
Safer Internet Day 2014
The activities planned for the Safer Internet Day are the following:
1. Red PaPaz and the ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare), will release Kit PaPaz Conectados para Protegerte, a guide designed for parents and teachers with frequently asked questions to prevent and manage sexual abuse online. Additionally the guide invites people to report illegal content through
It is available in Spanish at 

2. National Police and Google Colombia will have a hangout on Feb 11 at 10am where different actors will participate (National Police, Google Colombia, Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Education and Red PaPaz. The hangout will be available through the participants YouTube channels.

3. Red Internacional de diseño enREDo, Red PaPaz, the Center of Technology, la Red de Universidades UxTIC, Telefónica Movistar, UNE EPM Communications, and Google Colombia are organising several conferences where experts will promote awareness of the need to make Internet a safer place for kids.
What are we doing to create a better internet 

1. Te Protejo works daily to prevent and fight against child sexual abuse material online. Since the hotline was launched on on May 2012, until today, we have received a total of 6495 reports, from which 2130 refer to child sexual abuse material online. 

2. Kit PaPaz Conectados para Protegerte was designed to help parents, teachers to prevent sexual abuses online. It has frequent asked questions that will help them to prevent and manage this abuses.

3. Both the hangout and the conferences will be held around the importance of creating a better internet for kids.

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