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As a human rights-based organisation, the Council of Europe supports its 47 member States in improving the digital literacy and knowledge of the Internet by all European citizens, and in particular children who are today “hyper connected”. The Council of Europe aims to support young Internet users in becoming fully-fledged digital citizens.

The organisation addresses young children with its online game “Through the Wild Web Woods” and its’ accompanying Teachers’ Manual, both of which are available in almost all European languages.

The Council of Europe Guide on Human Rights for Internet Users sets out what human rights and freedoms mean in practice in the context of the Internet, including for children and young people.

The Council of Europe is also committed to fighting sexual violence online, through the Convention on the protection of children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (Lanzarote Convention). States signing up to this convention commit themselves to criminalising the actions of adults who use the Internet in order to arrange a meeting and engage in sexual activity with a child. The convention also criminalises all actions linked to child pornography, including the fact of knowingly accessing on-line child pornography.

Safer Internet Day 2015

On the occasion of this 12th edition of Safer Internet Day 2015, the Council of Europe has invited Elizabeth Milovidov, digital parenting consultant, to the Council of Europe to speak about good parenting in the digital age.

Elizabeth Milovidov’s website:

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