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Safer Internet Day 2015  in Denmark

The Danish Safer Internet Centre marks the day by focusing on the potentials and challenges of children and young people's online lives. On SID 2015 and throughout February, we address the different topics to children and young people through education and chat forums. Furthermore, we draw attention to children and young people's living and playful use of media through a debate event and newsletters for parents, teachers, educators, social workers and industry.


This year, Save the Children (Hotline) and Microsoft have joined forces in an awareness campaign about safe and secure use of online media. The campaign is proceeding in February and is targeted children and young people. Microsoft makes about 100 officers available for the campaign and Save the Children organizes a teaching program for them, so that they can teach pupils at their children's schools about online safety and digital well-being.

On SID 2014, Center for Digital Youth's Helpline, Cyberhus, had great success with a special chat forum for children and young people about the potentials and challenges online. Once again the helpline invites children and young people to give their inputs to the debate on how the Internet and the increasing number of online platforms can contribute to creativity, social networking and innovation, and that digital well-being among children and young people is a shared responsibility. SID 2015 is also the day for launching a special “Helpline button” that links to the helpline from different online communities and gives children and young people the opportunity to chat with pedagogical trained adults. The "Helpline button" is designed in cooperation with providers of online platforms for children and young people.

The Media Council for Children and Young People (awareness centre) invites parents to a workshop about 7-12 year olds online everyday life. Focus for the workshop is children living and playing with online media and parents' related concerns, expectations and responsibility. The outcome of the workshop will provide input to a guide for parents, which will be launched in autumn 2015 in cooperation with providers of online communities and games for 7-12 year olds. The workshop features presentations by professionals and researchers. Focus of the workshop is a debate on themes such as socializing; well-being and playing and learning; digital rights and marketing trough media; and online safety and protection.

More information about SID 2015 in Denmark:

On SID 2015: What will you do?'

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