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Safer Internet Day 2014  in Denmark

The Danish SIC celebrate the day by inviting professionals, policy makers and public and private partners to debate meetings. The theme is the Internet's potential for children and young people's creativity, media literacy, social networking and online counseling. 

The Awareness Centre, the Media Council for Children and Young People, hosts a debate meeting with focus on computer games and an introduction for 7-12 year olds to social media through computer gaming. How should we relate to an early established “be-online” culture? How do we ensure the creation of computer games with high quality content to the target audience?

The helpline, Cyberhus, hosts a meeting on the positive development in online counseling for young people, their parents and teachers. Every year the helpline is in contact with a great number of young people seeking counseling both for online and offline matters. What kind of help can the helpline offer young people, their parents and teachers, and what are the success criteria for online counseling?

The Hotline, Save the Children, sends out a newsletter to teachers and educators telling about new knowledge and resources on how to create a better internet in school. 

The partners of SIC DK will also draw attention to the new resource “Digital Dialogue in Schools”, which helps schools to put digital well-being and a positive web culture on the agenda. The material is developed with help from different organizations representing school leaders, teachers, educators, students and parents. More information about “Digital Dialogue in Schools” on 

More information about SID 2014 in Denmark:

On SID 2014: What will you do?'

What we are doing to help create a better internet is to inspire a dialogue between generations and institutions.

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