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Egyptian Safer Internet Day Committee

Recognizing the importance of ensuring people’s safety on the Internet, MCIT has taken concrete steps to create an interactive platform to share relevant information, best practices, concerns and resources. Within this context, the ministry has taken measures to stimulate dialogue within the community, providing a repository of knowledge and progress in the Internet safety field.

Safer Internet Day activities in Egypt 2015

This year we are happy to share with you that our big event this year was in Aswan, a beautiful city at the south of Egypt. Where the river Nile starts in Egypt, we had our event with Aswan kids, whom we believed they needed us more. About more than 400 miles away form Cairo, Aswan kids celebrated the Safer Internet Day with games. Games that helped them to better understand how to be safe on the Internet, make the maximum if it and protect themselves from dangers and threats.

The event was done by both Ministry of Communications and Informationa Technology and Ministry of Education in cooperation with the International Telecommmunications Union.

Also it was sponsored by many of ICT companies in Egypt (TE Data - Vodafone - Mobinil - Microsoft - Oracle)

Participating kids had their own song at the end of the day which they made the lyrics and the music for

For the first time kids, were given passports with the "COP Ambassador" title. They were given the responsibility to dissiminate the culture of Internet Safety among their colleagues.


We also had a special awareness session for parents which was organised by Micosoft.

Safer Internet Day 2014

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology MCIT, and in collaboration with Vodafone, |Oracle, Microsoft and Mobinil celebrate the Safer Internet Day during the month oFeb with a series of events and activities:

16th of February 2014:

This event will be divided into 3 parts:

1. Workshop provides an overview of international expertise in the field of COP and highlights some of the efforts in the field of child online protection whether by offering technology tools or contributing to the policy making process.


  • Ms. Jane Richardson, Director, Oracle Academy EMEA
  • Mr. John Carr, Senior Expert Adviser to ITU, an Expert Adviser to the European Union, the European Network and Information Security Agency, and been a consultant to the Oak Foundation, Geneva. (Remote Participant)
  • Mr. Nasser Kettani, MEA Chief Technology OfficerMicrosoft
  • Speaker from the National Internet Safety Committee (TBC)

2. Launching 3 competitions:

  • Ministry of Education Competition
  • IT Clubs Competition
  • Microsoft Competition

 3. Training program for educators and IT Clubs trainers

The training is conducted by Prof. Richard Graham - Consultant Psychiatrist at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Safer Internet Day 2013

Egypt is having its SID committee for the first time in 2013 with the Support of MCIT and the partnership of TE Data, the Internet Service Provider market leader in Egypt. With the commitment to provide a cutting edge service in Telecommunications industry that has always been aligned with the urge to keep Egyptians secure when using the internet, and with the belief in the power of knowledge and our promise to get our society aware of how to use internet safely,  the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and TE Data decided to cooperate to establish the SID committee in Egypt.

About Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is the government body responsible for information and communications technology (ICT) issues in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Established in 1999, after the announcement of a national program for ICT development in Egypt. The goals of the program were to foster the development of an information society in Egypt and stimulate the growth of a strong, competitive, vibrant, export-oriented ICT sector. The cornerstone of this program was the establishment of the new Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in October 1999, to lead these efforts. MCIT has launched a National Plan for Communications and Information Technology, establishing projects and initiatives, including the Egyptian Information Society Initiative (EISI), geared to support and empower public-private partnerships to develop and expand telecommunications infrastructure; provide ICT access to all citizens; develop meaningful Arabic content; establish a large pool of trained ICT professionals to create and innovate; build a policy framework and support infrastructure to foster the growth of a powerful and competitive ICT industry; and leverage ICT to empower development in health, education, government, commerce, culture and other areas.

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About TE Data

TE Data was established in 2001 by Telecom Egypt to function as its data communications and Internet arm.  TE Data was awarded a Class A license, from Egypt's National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA), which allows TE Data to build its own national network, and operate its international data gateway. The company is the Internet Service Provider market leader in Egypt with a DSL market share of more than 60% ending 2010. TE Data's portfolio of services covers the communications needs of all whether consumers, small and medium enterprises, large corporations, and Internet Service Providers.  TE Data service’s purpose is to cater for everybody's needs online.

TE Data social venues with the huge base of fans and followers will focus on promoting the effective ways an internet user could take to stay safe and enjoy surfing. We're making a safer internet day 2013 with an awareness raising month on our social media channels. From 5th Feb-5th March, we're going to post interesting content through our social venues and create online and offline activities aim at promoting the safe use of internet.

Facebook, Twitter, G+ and YouTube are going to be our media through which the content will be out there on the day of the event and along February and March 2013. Besides, our offline presence is going to boost the message to spread and back up our cause through the direct interaction with the targeted segments.

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Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

  • Yomna Omran
  • Internet Safety Section Head Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • Egypt