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The European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online (ENACSO)

Safer Internet Day

In every country where eNACSO has a member our national affiliate will be active on the day, as they are the year around. eNACSO members will engage in a wide variety of activities with children, young people, parents, teachers, the media, Government Ministers and Parliamentarians, or in some cases all of the above.


The European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online is a network consisting of 28 children’s rights NGOs from across the EU working for a safer online environment for children.

Children and young people benefit enormously from the communication and information potential of the internet. However, especially as children are one of the fastest growing groups of internet users, there are many issues which need to be addressed relating both to content on the internet which can be damaging to children, and to the potential for harmful contact between abusers and children.

eNACSO provides a valuable pool of online child protection NGOs from different European countries. The network is able to share expertise and best practice on key policy areas related to child online safety in order to become more effective in promoting a child protection focus in relation to the Internet and new and emerging technologies.

eNACSO will forge joint strategies for change, and promote its recommendations to national, European and international decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders.


What online rights and responsibilities means to us

When thinking about policy in this space, which is eNACSO primary aim, it is important to give pride of place to the upbeat and creative dimensions of the digital revolution and shake off the idea that the internet is solely or even principally a place of danger where children and young people go in constant peril.

We think it is extremely important to empower children and young people, helping them to become resilient, to respect each other basic rights, as in real life, and have a realistic understanding of the internet’s hazards and know how to deal with them.

No single agency or interest, public or private, no company or other organisation has a monopoly of knowledge or expertise in the field of online safety. Providing a safe environment for children and young people on the internet is a shared responsibility.

Young people need to be equipped to keep themselves safe online. Parents, guardians and teachers need to be helped to understand how children and young people use the new technologies. Schools have a pivotal supporting role to play here. Partnerships with law enforcement are also vital to ensure appropriate messaging is developed and properly integrated into wider education and awareness measures.

Industry is uniquely placed to make a contribution by helping all stakeholders to produce and promote effective education and awareness resources and by developing and promoting more and better technical solutions which underpin and reinforce the safety messages.

We all have the right to enjoy we all share responsibilities!



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