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ENISA – Safer Internet Day supporter

ENISA is the European Union’s “cyber security” agency, working with the EU, its member states, the private sector, the academic world and Europe’s citizens to promote higher levels of network and information security.

The Agency helps to promote a safer Internet in many ways. For example, part of the Agency’s work deals with how risks involved with emerging areas, such as social media and appstores can be reduced, so helping Europe’s citizens to stay safe in their online lives. During October month we also deploy with public-private partners the European Cybersecurity Month www.cybersecuritymonth.eu.

Other areas of ENISA’s work deal with the protection of Europe’s critical information infrastructure and how it can be protected from damage or deliberate attacks. The Agency also works closely with European Union bodies and EU Member State governments to develop cross-border communities committed to improving network and information security.

In all of its areas of work, ENISA seeks to act as a centre of expertise, promoting good practice and supporting the work of the Member States and all of the Agency’s stakeholders.

ENISA reports for a safer Internet include:

Threat Landscape 2013; Cyber-bullying and online grooming: helping to protect against the risks; To log or not to log? - Risks and benefits of emerging life-logging applications, etc. 

All here.

Further information about ENISA and its work can be found at www.enisa.europa.eu.

On SID 2014: What will you do? 

This year we release a new report on SID 2014 day " Brokerage model for network and information security in education".



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