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Safer Internet Centre in Estonia is a joint initiative. Estonian Union for Child Welfare is an overall coordinator of the project, is coordinating Awareness Centre ( and operates Hotline ( Estonian Advice Centre is operating the Children Helpline 116111 ( Estonian Police Board is contributing to the work of Awareness Centre, Hotline and Helpline.

Safer Internet Day 2015

Estonian Safer Internet Centre has compiled an educational package for celebrating Safer Internet Day 2015. Every school in Estonia receives a package of thematic educational materials with tests, videos, games, lesson plans etc and the invitation to celebrate Safer Internet Day in their school. All schools who participate and organize thematic events about positive and safer use of Internet and digital technologies among students, teachers and parents receive a diploma.

On Safer Internet Day (SID) student competitions “Smartly of the Web” will be launched to promote students to create educational apps, collect anecdotes about the use of Internet and design t-shirts with slogans about positive and responsible use of online technologies.

On Safer Internet Day, 10th of February awareness raising event "Connect Smartly" for children and parents in Solaris Centre (big supermarket in the centre of Tallinn) is taking place. Mobile operators, ISP-s, banks, web constable, Estonian Safer Internet Centre and Youth Panel are participating in the event giving information to the target groups about online technologies; also interactive tests, lectures, games will be organized.

In the framework of the Safer Internet Day a media campaign will be carried out. Thematic articles for youth and parents will be issued on Delfi news portal in Estonian and Russian (the biggest online news portal in Estonia). Thematic special edition of an online newspaper Märka Last (Notice a Child) will be issued on SID which includes articles related to smarter and safer use of digital devices. Tips about how to use digital devices smartly and safely will be shown on screens of public transport. Social media campaign to download helpline new app will be carried out.

During the week of Safer Internet Day information about positive and safer use of online technologies will be disseminated via eKool (Internet based education information system) to parents.

Estonian Safer Internet Centre is cooperating with student organization TORE for providing a workshop about prevention of cyberbullying at their annual conference on the week of Safer Internet Day.

During the week of Safer Internet Day trainers of Estonian Safer Internet Centre are carrying out workshops and lectures for parents at schools all over Estonia.

More information is available on Estonian Safer Internet Centre website


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