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Targalt Internetis

Safer Internet Centre in Estonia includes an Awareness Centre, a Hotline and a Helpline.

The project is a joint initiative of the following organizations: Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Ministry of Social Affairs, ICT Foundation for Education, Estonian Police Board and the Estonian Advice Centre.

Estonian Union for Child Welfare is an overall coordinator of the project and a technical manager of the new Hotline (

Information Technology Foundation for Education is coordinating Awareness Centre (

The Children helpline 116111 ( is run by the Estonian Advice Centre under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Estonian Police Board is the project partner on awareness work, Hotline and Helpline.

Safer Internet Day 2014

A Safer Internet week will take place in Estonia from 10.02 - 14.02 2013 led by „Targalt internetis“ project.  

Conference "Smartly on the Web - protect yourself and your money!" ("Nutikalt Netis - hoia ennast ja oma raha!") will be held in Tallinn on February 11th, where the focus is on data protection and virtual money. We also speak about  gaming, phishing and smart phone usage. Presentations are given by experts from Police and Border Guard Board, CERT Estonia, representatives from ISPs and local banks. The Estonian Information System's Authority info protection expert Anto Veldre will talk about the mobile devices use and protection. The presentations will be followed by 2 panel discussions regarding virtual banking and online authentication.  Conference is aimed to rise awareness among parents, gymnasium youngsters and educational specialists.

On February 1st ended the students essay competition "Me in the Internet", where youngsters were expected to write a short story about their internet usage. We received 189 essays form 5 schools.35 best stories will be published online and on paper in Spring 2014.

From February 2th-16th, a special "Targalt Internetis" page with thematic articles from Estonian opinion-leaders and internet experts will be gathered together is going to appear at - the most widely read news portal in Estonia.

Awareness raising campaign "Logged out?" with the aim to attract teenagers' attention to wiser internet communication, will be held in all major Estonian cities during the Safer internet week. In addition, almost 500 children will participate in "Targalt Internetis" school days organized by ICT Found. for Education. Safer Internet Day  2014 video clip will be shown in the most popular teachers online channel and on projects website.

From 02.February an outdoor campaign " Nutikalt netis" will be launched in Tallinn, to promote the conference.



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