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European Commission on Safer Internet Day 2015

The Safer Internet day is celebrated around the world already for the 12th consecutive year. It is globally coordinated event by EU-funded network of Safer Internet centres and Safer Internet Day Committees in other countries. Millions of people in over 100 countries gather to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

This year on 10 February, the European Commission will make the Safer Internet Day a showcase of online events, resources and other material around the world. This means you will be able to play serious games tackling cyberbullying, follow events, listen to radio programmes, view manuals and school plans specially prepared for the day.

You can be active and take part in celebrations in you country :

Have a look what is happening around the world

Get involved online: #SID2015  #Up2Us  @saferinternetday  @SaferINternetEU  @DigitalAgendaEU

Feel free to join the Thunderclap campaign


The European strategy to create a Better Internet for Kids

The "Strategy for a Better Internet for Children" which the Commission launched in May 2012 proposes a series of actions grouped around the following main goals: positive content, empowerment, safe environment and combatting child abuse material. 

The Strategy brings together the European Commission and Member States with mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and providers of social networking services to deliver concrete solutions for a better internet for children. 

European Commission's work in the field of child online safety/ wellbeing is a core area of the EU Digital Agenda