F.Y.R. of Macedonia Safer Internet Day Committee F.Y.R. of Macedonia Safer Internet Day Committee


Macedonia joined the Safer Internet Day initiative in 2010. However, there is a long list of activities that were performed in the last 15 years which aimed to promote safer internet and to define the ethics of communication over the global network. These activities were mainly supported by the line ministries, the universities and the NGOs.

The children’s access to Internet in the last decade rapidly grew due to the high penetration level of ICT in schools and households. In 1999, the ratio of students per computer in the primary schools was 85, and in secondary schools 57 students per computer. Due to the continuous investments in ICT equipment and delivery of internet connections for schools, this ratio has been dramatically changed to 3 students per computer in the primary and secondary schools - most of them provided with decent internet connection. This consequently entailed serious discussions and initiated activities which were directed towards how safe conditions on the internet could be provided:

  • Awareness raising about the necessity to foster safer internet use

  • guides for the students and children on safe internet use, potential threats and ethics of communication on the internet

  • Advising parents about potential threats and counter measures

  • Support for the incorporation of relevant content in the curriculum at all levels.

On the occasion of European Safe Internet Day  the delegation of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee and the European Union will hold a public debate on "Safer Internet". The event will be attended by government officials, representatives of the European Union, teachers from several schools and pupils.



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