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In Finland Safer Internet Day lasts for a whole week and it is called Media Literacy Week (Mediataitoviikko). The next Media Literacy Week will take place from 8th to 14th February 2016. We will work on the main theme (announced later in 2015) with our participating organizations.

In SID 2015 altogether 42 organizations (covering ministries, state departments, telecom operators, data security companies, media companies and NGO’s) were engaged in preparations and implementation of MLW. We planned all MLW campaigns and materials together. As their input, the organisations gave their expertice, volunteer work, free media space or funding to MLW campaigns and events. National Audiovisual Institute carries the main responsibility for Media Literacy Week, but basically it is a joint effort of all participating organizations.

Themes, campaigns, awareness materials and events for MLW were planned in three parallel working groups, which started working actively in September 2014. Each working group consists of 3-8 participants from participating organizations. All working group members participated actively in material production. 

Finland celebrated the first annual Media Literacy Week in 2013. Before that, the week was known as Tietoturvaviikko (Safer Internet Week).

"On SID 2015: What will you do? "

We want to emphasise that creating a better internet is a responsibility for us all. Internet is what its users make of it.

National Safer Internet Day

The Safer Internet Day (SID) actions are coordinated by KAVI in Finland. In Finland, the whole week is celebrated as Media Literacy Week with many offline and online events and activities.  The Media Literacy Week is a joint activity of approximately 40 organizations.

Educational material

The Media Literacy School website ( is targeted for schools and parents to support them in digital media education. 

Handbooks and lesson plans for teachers ( Say NO to cyberbullying!, Smart on the web and many others.

The YouthNet portal is an integral part of the Helpline actions including self-help material on how to prevent risks on the internet and how to cope with problematic situations online.

Youth Panel

Youth participation is intensively promoted in online safety work. The Youth Panel provides the youngsters a special channel to participate in internet safety actions in Finland and share their knowledge and experiences of online life. A special working method for the Youth Panel is the online peer support work, which includes discussions on the MLL Helpline website.


The Helpline provides a toll free and anonymous access point for children, young people and parents. The Helpline volunteers are trained to give support to concerns about safer internet use and distressing experiences online like grooming and cyberbullying. More Information: and


Save the Children Finland fights illegal internet content in international cooperation. The Internet users in Finland can make an online report for the Hotline (Nettivihje) of suspected illegal content they might face on the Internet.

We think that everyone has a right for creating their own digital footprint. This means that no one else should share your pictures or personal information without your knowledge. It is a responsibility for adults to encourage children to use their freedom of speech and express their opinions online, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. At the same time, it is adults’ responsibility to create a safe online environment for children. Every child has a right to stay safe online.


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