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The Centre

The French Safer Centre federates at the national level the main actors involved in the protection of miners over the internet and runs three lines of action:

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Safer Internet Day is organized in France by Internet Sans Crainte.

It is the occasion for all actors involved with young people and parents to mobilize themselves on this year’s theme: "Let's create a better internet together"

Safer Internet Resources

Awareness Centre 

Internet Sans Crainte provide partners with resources they may wish to use to promote Safer Internet Day:

  • The awareness clip produced by the European Commission for the occasion
  • Safer Internet banners.
  • Information related to this year’s theme.
  • Customized support and resources for specific projects.
  • The awareness centre will also make available online for the event:

1. A new participative Serious Game, - The Voting Booth -  inviting young people 14 to 18 years old  to experiment online citizenship and get their voice heard during the Safer Internet Day. The voting booth provides pedagogical materials and lesson plans and is  available at: 

2. A participative online space with Vinz & Lou for the 7-12 years old, specifically designed to organize citizen digitenship & e-safety workshops for the youngsters. This resource is completed with pedagogical material and lesson plans.     

3. Acitivities leaflets: for both children and teen-agers, two activities leaflet will be released on D-Day.  They will be distributed to all young  participants to Safer Internet Day events all over the country.


4. Teachers and animators will be provided with a lessons plans and pedagogical materials conceived to help them organize Safer Internet Day workshops during the whole month of February.

Hotline: Point de Contact

To celebrate the Safer Internet Day 2014, Point de Contact addresses the young persons between 13 and 18, raising awareness on proper online behaviours and more specifically on why and how report illegal contents and behaviours they might be confronted with.

The hotline launches on February 11 its first awareness documentation, a funny comics on reporting, first one of a series to come… Its goal? Giving teenagers advices on what they can and cannot do online, what are the appropriate contents they can create and post – and which one are off limit legally, with related risks.

The tool aims as well at helping victims, helping them acquire the right reflexes to have in case of danger: reporting on for fast retrieving and police action if necessary.

Awareness workshops

The awareness centre will promote the organisation of children, teenagers and parents Safer Internet Day workshops all over France during the month of February. These workshops will rely on the resources created for the event.

All participants will receive special Safer Internet Day awareness kits.

To register or view the national calendar


On February 11,12 and 13, the Kick of the French Safer Internet Month will be celebrated on a major TICE educational fair in Paris: InterTice by Internet Sans Crainte and its partners.

  • Key actions from all Safer Internet Day partners, resources, messages and documentation will be available on an open stand to young persons and professionals.
  • The Voting booth will allow for direct participation on the online consultation launched for the SID.
  • Workshops will be organized with partners in a dedicated space with youngsters and teenagers.
  • And a cocktail will take place on the D-Day at 5:30 PM! (Practical info: Salon Intertice – Espace Grande Arche- La Défense, Paris, 11-12-13 février 2014, Stand 13)

Youth panel actions

Radio Event


The student Radio  Radio Mix, animates since 2013  a  programme on digital life realized by students in Orange City, in partnership with the awareness centre.

Called «  Génération Connexion, the transmission addresses  major issues linked to the digital experiences of the youth. For the Safer Internet Day, the young journalists are preparing a special programme on how they imagine a better and safer Internet.

The programme will include Internet Sans Crainte interviews delivering key messages and advices to the audience. It will be live broadcasted on our Facebook page in order to trigger youth participation. 

Web Magazine

The Montreuil Youth Panel will also turn into journalists for the Safer Internet Day. 

Going to  the Facebook headquarters, they will have the opportunity to ask all the questions they always wanted to on data protection and security  issues on their favourite social network. 

The result of their enquiry and thoughts will be published as a web-mag, will be realized with the help and tutoring of the French winner of the positive content competition – La Griffe de l’Info info site –. Their articles will be published on this youth website for the SID.

Partners actions

Media, institutions, cities, private companies… many great partners will join in to make the Safer Internet Day a major event in France! They're all busy preparing their actions at the moment. We'll keep you posted on thise actions on the website as soon as we can communicate on them.  

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