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In France, the Safer Internet Day is organized by the awareness Centre, Internet Sans Crainte.

The 2015 edition will be focused on both promoting positive initiatives and content realised by national actors – namely on the basis of POSCON recommendations and tools and on Cyber-bullying.

Launched on February 10th, in order to take into account winter holidays and give each school the opportunity to join in, the event will be celebrated in the country during the whole month as the Safer Internet Month.


Lots of actions organized by a variety of partners will take place. The programme, which is being updated regularly can be consulted at the following link :

Some key actions include

  • Ministry of Education: Najat Vallaud BelKacem, the French Minister of Education announces for the Safer Internet Day a series or actions and resources against cyber-bullying. A lettre is to be sent to each and every member of the ministry's staff on the day to mobilize the whole country for a better Internet for children. The departement in charge of ICT in education is also leading an online action to promote new Vinz & Lou ressources created by Tralalere/Internet Sans Crainte.
  • Large coverage of the event by institutions & NGOs, namely: the national Data Protection Agency, the ministry of digital economy( Delegations aux Usages de l'Internet), The national Media Council (CSA), The International Observatory of Violence in School, the UNICEF, the national Federation of National Family Associations,  Federations of unformal education associations (Francas, Cemea), The MAE teachers's insurance foundation...
  • Organisation of awareness workshops all over the country by Internet Sans Crainte, with dedicated resources provided by the centre. 

  • A press conference by the national hotline PointdeContact
  • Release, for the Safer Internet Day, of a major communication campaign by Respect Zone based on a clip
  • Publication and animation of key children and teenagers titles by the Milan Group : Geo ado, Julie Magazine, Wapiti, Wakou…
  • A full array of actions on Habbo: pixel art competition, chat sessions, infobus sessions, social networks animations…
  • A radio show conceived, realized and broadcasted by a student radio, Mix Radio
  • A national radio campaign involving more than 100 associative radios with Yahoo!
  • Mobilisation of parents within the company with distribution of resources created by Internet Sans Crainte by ERDF 
  • Creation and release of awareness videos by Orange and celebration of the event on its home page
  • Free distribution of Vinz & Lou against Violence comic books by the MAE foundation
  • A campaign on Fairplay by Pedagojeux, a collective dedicated to parents information on videogames



  • Presention booklet included keys facts and calls for actions
  • The insafe video clip
  • Partner’s clips
  • Logos and banners
  • Interactive educational resources (see below)
  • Student’s leaflets


1) A new cartoon on cyber-bullying for 7-12 children

Part of the Vinz and Lou agains violence serie, the cartoons specifically deals with cyber-bullying and is available HERE

It allows for easy organisation of 30 to 60 minutes workshops

2) A new serious game against cyber-bullying for 13-16 young persons

The Stop The violence Serious games invites teenagers to enquire into a cyberbullying case in a school. What happened? Why ? What can I do to avoid and fight against cyberbullyng ?

It allows for the setting up of 50’ collective workshops

The resource and educational material is available at

3) Students leaflets

Created by Internet Sans Crainte for the Safer Internet Day, the leaflets (one for children, one for teenagers) explain what cyberbullying is about and how to fight against it.

They will be made available online on D Day and sent to all registered participants.

Schools and non-formal educational structures wishing to participate  HERE


Contact :

Internet Sans Crainte