Ghana Ghana

SID Ghana committee is headed by the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation, an NGO operating the Child Online Protection Initiative (COP) has become a leader in educational presentations and workshops—teaching social media skills, critical thinking and Internet safety to over 5,000 students, Religious Organizations educators, parents and professionals. Our Registered Charity No: CG124582014

As a public media voice about online security, online sexual exploitation, sexual abuse images of child victims and social media as it applies to diverse disenfranchised populations, we present pro-social, restorative and respectful approaches to these issues.

Ghana Internet Safety Foundation has an exceptional reputation for up-to-date, research-based materials and usable resources distributed through our website, database of articles, blog posts and social media contributions.

A lot of individuals and organizations committed to building awareness and delivering strategies to keep our youth safe while they engage in online activities have shared our efforts.