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SID Ghana committee is headed by the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation, an NGO operating the Child Online Protection Initiative (COP) has become a leader in educational presentations and workshops—teaching social media skills, critical thinking and Internet safety to over 5,000 students, Religious Organizations educators, parents and professionals. Our Registered Charity No: CG124582014

As a public media voice about online security, online sexual exploitation, sexual abuse images of child victims and social media as it applies to diverse disenfranchised populations, we present pro-social, restorative and respectful approaches to these issues.

Ghana Internet Safety Foundation has an exceptional reputation for up-to-date, research-based materials and usable resources distributed through our website, database of articles, blog posts and social media contributions.

A lot of individuals and organizations committed to building awareness and delivering strategies to keep our youth safe while they engage in online activities have shared our efforts. 


Following its maiden launch, every February, people, civil organizations, governments, non governmental organizations etc. around the globe come together in united voice for Safer Internet Day (SID) to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people. In Ghana, the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation (GISF) coordinates SID activities. As part of this initiative, the GISF with support from Ghana Police, Ghana Education service and the private sector distributes Internet safety resources to schools free of charge.

This year, the Ghana Internet Safety Foundation will be disseminating the following Internet resources:

1#  Think Before You Post Campaign. 

Let’s Create A Better Internet together

The day started with the GISF team sending out SMSs to their numerous supporters and clients reminding them of SID. At the same time the team of the GISF headed by Mr. Gabriel Ofori Appiah,Senior Advocate, headed out to some schools to create awareness about staying safe online. The students were introduced to the concept Digital Citizenry. They took turns to pick out their favorite social media/messaging apps. They tend explained their experience in using these platforms. 

  Mr. Emmanuel Adinkrah, Co-Founder, GISF also elaborated on tips and things to be conscious of  before posting any content online. This event started at 3pm. This was to allow all the students  from middle school to high school to come together for the session.

 GISF also released a press statement, which was published on online portals and local media to commemorate the Safer Internet Day 2015.



Telecommunication Giant, Airtel Ghana through their Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs, Hannah Agbozo made the announcement at an event to mark this year’s SID 2015, she said, “Children are very resourceful in making the most of online services such as social networking sites and mobile phones, but many still underestimate the hidden risks of using these in cyber bullying and sexual grooming online. She said, although the Internet binds the whole world together the safety of children who use it should be a concern for everyone. Donald Gwira, Head of Corporate Affairs at Airtel, said the issue of creating safer internet for children must be a national agenda. He said, "we must ensure that everyone is aware of the dangers for children online. And we want to promote and strengthen the many outstanding efforts that are being made around the world and in Ghana, such as the Safer Internet Programme to limit these dangers". Airtel therefore urged parents to stay abreast of online safety and advise their children on the rules.

  •  SID 2015: Students create awareness of Online Sexual Abuse.


Cyberbullying Education,- Mr. Emmanuel Adinkrah(Ghana Internet Safety Foundation)

  • Group Picture: Students and Teachers of Headlines Educational Complex