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Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the pan-European Awareness raising network, INSAFE, each year in February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones. In Greece, the Awareness Centre, as the representative of INSAFE, initiates and coordinates all activities and events on Safer Internet Day. The main aim of is to encourage first of all as many schools, educators, and pupils as possible to participate, but also parents and parental associations, municipalities, enterprises and the industry of Internet to take action for making the Internet a better place for minors. All activities around Safer Internet Day are published on

Safer Internet Day 2014 - what we are doing to help create a better Internet

In light of this year’s theme “Let's create a better internet together”, the Greek SIC is co-organizing a high profile event in cooperation with the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, held at the latter’s Conference Centre, in Athens.

In this context, the structure of this year’s main event will be very innovative, avoiding long lasting speeches and presentations, in an effort to foster the sense of ownership and leadership in children. For the first part of the conference students of selected primary and kindergarten schools will perform theatrical plays on online safety based on the children’s book drafted by Veronica Samara, coordinator of the Greek SIC, and George Kormas, scientific collaborator of the Greek helpline, entitled “The Internet Farm”. All plays will be assessed by a special committee and will receive awards accordingly.
In addition, music videos created by high school and lyceum students will be shown at the conference, along with poems on online safety created by schools of all levels of education. All above will be rounded up with a special Q&A session by minors towards Internet stakeholders. Our Youth Panel will be starring throughout the whole conference with its members presenting both the theatrical plays and the music videos.

In this way, we will encourage the youth to think about the creative power of the Internet, and how it can be used as a great tool in our every-day lives. We cannot create a better internet without them, after all!

The Greek Awareness Centre and the Internet safety campaign running in Greece since 2004, are implemented with the co-funding of the European Commission, within the framework of the Safer Internet programme.

The main goals of campaign are to:

  • Protect minors from illegal and harmful content, contact and conduct in respect to the internet and other online technologies
  • Create awareness and educate parents about the ways they can protect themselves and their children from the potential dangers lying in the inproper use of online technologies like internet and mobile phones
  • Promote the positive aspects of online technologies as valuable tools for enhancing the quality of our daily life
  • Educate teachers about the safe use of the Internet, ensuring that they are aware of both benefits and risks, with the scope to create multiplier-effect actions within the classroom
  • Encourage dialogue between minors and parents on proper online technologies use and safety issues, promote online safety and critical thinking
  • Support (grand-) parents, educators as well as minors with appropriate awareness and informative material

For the implementation of our goals, the Greek Awarenes Centre is implementing a variety of awareness activities such as conducting informative seminars towards the wider public, train-the-trainers workshops for educators, promotion of issues concerning internet safety to the mass media, creation of polymorphic online an print material and TV and radio campaigns. The Awareness Centre collaborates with representatives from the government, the online technologies industry as well as NGOs in Greece and abroad, which have as primary goal the provision of a safer online environment. 

The Greek Saferinternet Awareness Centre is the national representative for Greece of the Insafe Network of Safer Internet Awareness Centres, with 30 members across Europe and Russia. Within the Insafe network, exchanges ideas, experiences, best practices and informative material with its fellow awareness centres.

The non-profit organization Safer Internet Hellas is coordinating the Greek Awareness Centre.

Besides, the Greek Safer Internet Centre consists of two further axes: the  Greek hotline Safeline and the helpline YpoSTIRIZO.

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