Safer Internet Day 2014 - 11 February Safer Internet Day 2014 - 11 February

 Safer Internet Day 2014 was the eleventh edition of the event, and took place on Tuesday 11 February 2014. The theme for the day was “Let’s create a better internet together” when we encouraged all stakeholders – children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and educators, and industry and politicians – to mark the day and work cooperatively to build a better internet for all, but particularly for children and young people.

  • Safer Internet Day 2014 was celebrated in more than 107 countries across the world.
  • At least 19,000 schools and 54 million people were involved in SID actions across Europe.
  • On Twitter, the #SID2014 hashtag trended globally several times on SID itself. Over 52.2 million people were reached worldwide with the #SID2014 hashtag throughout the SID campaign period.
  • Over 328,800 people were reached by the SID Thunderclap campaign – a way of ‘making some online noise’ on the morning of SID itself.
  • Over 8,000 fans supported the SID campaign on Facebook.
  • The generic version of the SID video spot was been viewed more than 23,000 on YouTube.

Safer Internet Day 2013 - 5 February Safer Internet Day 2013 - 5 February
Safer Internet Day 2013 was the tenth edition of the event, and took place on Tuesday 5 February 2013. The theme was ‘Online rights & responsibilities’, encouraging all users of technology – and particularly children and young people –to ‘Connect with respect’. The day was celebrated in over 100 countries around the world. 
  • Over 10 million participants and over 16,150 schools across all Insafe network countries took part.
  • The campaign website - - received over 276,000 page views during the SID campaign period (and over 55,500 page views on SID itself). You can still see which activities and events occurred in your country.
  • There were over 15,900 tweets of the #SID2013 hashtag on 5 February 2013, with the tag ‘trending’ several times worldwide during the day.
  • The generic version of the customary Safer Internet Day video spot has been viewed more than 42,500 times on the Insafe YouTube channel.

  • The SID Kit 2013 for Schools was once again, one of the main highlights of the SID main campaign. Consult it here

 For further information, read the summary or the full public report on Safer Internet Day 2013 activities and successes.

Safer Internet Day 2012 - 7 February Safer Internet Day 2012 - 7 February
Celebrated on 7 February 2012, this was the ninth iteration of the Safer Internet Day campaign.  With a theme of “Connecting generations and educating each other” and a slogan of “discover the digital world together...safely!”, the day focused on the reach of the online world across all generations and cultures, encouraging families to work together to stay safe online.
From the evidence available, it appears that Safer Internet Day 2012 was a huge success, suggesting that the momentum of the campaign is building year on year as the SID message spreads across the globe.  Some key highlights are summarised below:
  • Thousands of events were celebrated across 99 countries (74 countries in 2011).  
  • The main Safer Internet Day action reached a minimum of 154,753 participants.
  • The potential reach of SID messages through the media comprised 24 million people with print messages, 40 million people with print items, 41 million people with TV items and 298 million people with online items.
  • A minimum of 791,929 children, 3,431,051 teenagers, 16,962 schools, 133,137 teachers and 20,728,538 parents were reached through SID campaigns in the Insafe network.
  • There were approximately 23 million Safer Internet Day 2012 Google hits on and SID was promoted on the main Google search page.
  • There were approximately 8,000 Tweets of the #SID2012 tag on 7 February, with the hashtag ‘trending’ several times worldwide during the day.
SID 2012 also marked the launch of the first SID kit for schools.
Also consult the SID 2012 Competition Gallery
Find out more in the Safer Internet Day 2012 Campaign Report Summary. View the 2012 campaign video below.

Safer Internet Day 2011 - 8 February Safer Internet Day 2011 - 8 February

The Safer Internet Day activities in 2011 were very successful and topped Safer Internet Day 2010 in many respects:

  • Thousands of events registered in 73 countries
  • 685 online registrations on our portal
  • 1,200 articles on Google                                                    
  • 2,5 million hits on Google News
  • 87,000 visits on in February

The topic was "our virtual lives" and was centred on the slogan "It's more than a game, it's your life".

To view the Public Report please click here. You can see the 2011 campaign video below.



View the SID 2011 toolkit

Safer Internet Day 2010 - 9 February Safer Internet Day 2010 - 9 February

Safer Internet Day 2010 took place on the 9 February, with the theme: "Think B4 U post!"

The day was celebrated through thousands of events in 65 countries all over the world by international organisations, governments, industry, schools, young people and private citizens, making it a multi-national, multi-stakeholder event. The European Commission organised a central event in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, consisting of a roundtable of experts, photos, and multi-media exhibitions on the theme.
A video clip was produced by the network, the first animation featuring the SID mascot. A SID quiz also took place, with more than 19,000 people taking part.
"Think B4 U post" tips
Anything anyone posts online remains there for an indefinite period and can be accessed by anyone. This can have serious consequences. Children and teenagers need to be made aware that they can control their online identity.
Do you know if your kids:
  • use the privacy settings offered by social networking services?
  • select friends online that they can trust?
  • publish their own photos after thinking carefully about the potential consequences?
  • publish pictures of their friends with their permission?

Safer Internet Day 2009 - 10 February Safer Internet Day 2009 - 10 February

In 2009 the focus of SID was on youngsters' safety on social networking sites, with an emphasis on cyberbullying. This was in direct response to a dramatic increase in online bullying incidents seen at that time, in line with the greater mobility of online tools and the facility with which users were starting to generate their own content. 

Although SID originated in the heart of Europe, it quickly spread its influence around the world. Therefore in 2009 the concept of SID committees was created to strengthen bonds with countries outside the Insafe network, resulting in the creation of almost 30 committees within the first year.

2009 also saw the launch of the new SID logo featuring the SID mascot. It was a very successful day with 500 events celebrated in 50 countries all over the world.

The European Commission also launched an information campaign on SID, empowering teenagers to keep control when online. You can view the campaign video below.


Safer Internet Day 2008 - 12 February Safer Internet Day 2008 - 12 February

SID 2008 was a special year as it marked the first themed SID focus campaign and subsequently the first awareness raising SID video clip. The introduction of a theme, not only inspired efforts to make the event more memorable than ever, but also resulted in exemplary teamwork across borders hence underlining the global nature of the virtual world.

An online competition also took place in the run-up to SID with 655 teams competing against each other. Two other major central actions were launched in Brussels. At midnight Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, opened the Safer Internet Day blogathon. This crossed half the world through Australasia and the middle-east and left Europe on its path to South and North America. A Youth Forum of thirty youths (14-17 year olds) from all corners of Europe led the second event, where they discussed their use of mobile phones and social networking sites and made proposals concerning awareness on internet safety to the European Commission, industry and politicians.


Safer Internet Day 2004 - 2007 Safer Internet Day 2004 - 2007

SID 2007

For SID 2007 mobile operators met in Brussels on 6 February and signed an agreement to safeguard children using mobile phones. This included supporting access control for adult content. The Insafe network again organised a blogathon and a competition reaching 200 schools across 29 countries.

SID 2006

On 7 February 2006 the network organised a worldwide “blogathon”: several organisations and special guests were invited to post blog articles which members of the public could comment on. The blogathon started in New Zealand, moving West across several time zones to end in Argentina. Other activities around the world included quizzes, online games, a story-telling competition and round table discussions. In total 37 countries, and approximately 100 organisations took part in SID 2006.


SID 2005

8 February 2005 was the first SID organised by the Insafe network. The number of countries taking part more than doubled with 30 countries and 65 organisations participating worldwide including Russia and Singapore as new additions. The 2005 campaign was marked by an internet adventure storytelling contest for children, which was turned into a book of stories and then published.

SID 2004

The first Safer Internet Day (SID) took place on 6 February 2004, and was the brainchild of the SafeBorders project. It was celebrated in 14 countries (13 EU countries and Australia). Since then the popularity of SID has continued to grow year after year.