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Youth Forum - second day of Safer Internet Day Forum, 7 February

On February 7 – Safer Internet Day – the second day of Safer Internet Forum had started in Public Chamber of Russia, traditionally organized by Safer Internet Centre, ROCIT and Public Chamber. The second day of the Forum was Youth Forum where main participants were children and youth. The Youth Forum was moderated and led by Youth Panel members – with minimal participation of adults.

Youth Forum as part of main Russian safer Internet conference was held for the first time. It included also remote participation from regions of Russia via videoconference.
More than 200 Moscow schoolchildren became participants of Youth Forum. At the opening session participants were greeted by representatives of Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Child Ombudsman of Russia and Safer Internet Centre. Youth Panel members made a presentation of their activities, including their own awareness-raising materials for peers and their special awareness website. Main Internet-threats for youth were reviewed, as well as ways of safe conduct online to avoid dangers.
Then the interactive part came with videoconference with children and youth from six regions of Russia. Youth from Moscow and regions exchanged their online experience and hobbies, as well as their knowledge about online safety. Regional Youth Panels made presentations of their online safety activities (for example, Novosibirsk presented their comics “Alice in Wonderland” regarding Internet.
After the break children went to parallel sessions. The first one was “Internet in your mobile” and was devoted to the mobile use of the Internet, specifics of content threats in mobile content, vulnerability of youth to threats via mobile gadgets, and their understanding of mobile online safety. Another session was about online reputation – young Internet users were discussing the things they do online that may harm their reputation right now and after years, harm for reputation for other users by cyberbullying, understanding of what information is safe for posting online, issues of netiquette. Both discussion panels were moderated by Moscow Youth Panel members. Active discussions went far over the time limit while young participants continued to share their experience and opinions.
The last part of Youth Forum was meeting with producers of positive content – “Klyopa” publishing house.
Participants of Youth Forum were provided with awareness materials of Safer Internet Centre. Active participants also contributed for the video which will be issued for dissemination as a result of Safe Runet Week.

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