SID Kit 2013 - Further Information About Insafe SID Kit 2013 - Further Information About Insafe

Additional items of interest for schools

The Insafe network produces a range of information and resources to help schools (and other educators) to raise awareness of online safety. A few are highlighted here:

Insafe Newsletter

Subscribe to the Insafe newsletter for free monthly updates on online safety issues and resources from across Europe direct to your mailbox.

Insafe Back to School campaign

Each year, in September, Insafe runs the Back to School campaign, containing tools, tips and resources to help students and teachers start the new school year on a positive – and safe – note. Previous gifts have included lesson plans, social media guides, quizzes, posters and other tools. Why not look at 2012 resources, or come back icampaign to find the latest information on SID 2013, including lesson plans and a poster on the theme for 2013.

Pan-EU Youth Platform

Teachers of older pupils may wish to explore the Pan-EU Youth platform. Pan-EU Youth is a platform for self-expression for young people between the age of 14 and 18. They are welcome to post any thoughts, questions and remarks on any topic regarding modern technology and online reputation on the blog and forum, or by posting videos on the Pan-EU Youth website or messages on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. And, as a classroom activity, why not explore the PlayDecide games? These are series of discussion games, designed to stimulate lively debate on the topics of Young people in the media, Digital lives and eSkills. The site also serves as a platform to give visibility to the work of the Insafe youth panels.

Insafe network resources

Insafe comprises a network of 30 Safer Internet Centres (the EU 27, plus Iceland, Norway and Russia), and these centres regularly produce online safety resources. These resources can all be found on the Insafe website, with the best resources being gathered into a bi-annual resource catalogue. Centres typically produce resources in their native language, however the most popular resources are often translated into English. Several examples of such resources are listed above.

Insafe/INHOPE leaflet

This leaflet provides general background information on the joint Insafe and INHOPE network of awareness centres, helplines, hotlines and youth panels, operating as part of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme. It also provides details of the joint project portal, where you can access services for each of the network countries (the EU 27, plus Iceland, Norway and Russia).