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Safer Internet Day 2014


Habbo Hotel is a place for teens to have fun and a good time. From the very first moment teens step into our virtual Hotel, we want them to know that they can enjoy themselves without offending anyone and that being tolerant when it comes to the opinions of and differences between others is the way to go. There is also a certain community spirit, driven by initiatives such as the Habbo Helpers, where Habbos themselves reply to user queries and give advice and support following our rules, known as the Habbo Way, and our safety tips (useful summarized advices not only in Habbo but also in Internet).

We are a community that is aware of our rights but, above all, we work to create a community that is conscious of its responsibilities.  




About Habbo


Habbo Hotel is the world’s largest social game and community for teens. Users join by creating a fully customized online character called a Habbo. From there, they can explore a wide variety of spaces and millions of rooms created by other users in the community, play a variety of games, connect with friends, decorate their own rooms, and have fun through creativity and self-expression. 

Currently Habbo Hotel has customers in over 150 countries and the service is available in 12 language versions. To date, over 243 million characters have been created and 10 million unique users worldwide visit Habbo Hotel each month, spending a total of 45 million hours in the service. 

More info  about Habbo on : www.sulake.com.

Habbo has planned the following exciting activities and events to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2014  worldwide:


- Video competition:


Illustrate the SID 2014 slogan:“Let´s create a better internet together”.  Habbo users have to think about their point of view on the SID 2014 slogan   and create a video of max 3 minutes illustrating their idea.

The best videos will be rewarded with Habbo prizes and promoted in our YouTube channels and in our Safety Centre.



- SID  virtual maze: 


One of the most famous Habbo games are mazes that is similar to a maze in real life. The objective is to maneuver your avatar through a series of virtual furniture intended to create obstacles.  We will create a special maze to celebrate the SID and, in order to complete the maze participants will need to reply to different questions about how to use internet safely.

Participants reaching the end of the maze will be rewarded.



- Internet safety theme room games:

Game 1: Room is a representation of the world wide web where users can find one question about publishing personal information on the internet. If the reply to the question is correct you are automatically sent to the next room where you can find the next question. The wrong answer sends the user to another room where they cannot go back reminding them to think before they post.

Game 2:  Four different mini games in a room about internet safety.  For the  first game you need to reply to general questions about the internet in order to  move to a second game.  The second game represents the cable needed to connect to internet and users need to find out how to switch it on. The third one is to learn about how to recognize scam emails and the fourth one represents a modem that you need to connect to the internet, where the game ends.

Game 3:  Seven differences game. User need to find the differences between two virtual computers and choose the one that is safer to surf on the internet.

Game 4:  Room represents a virtual firewall and users need to be able to activate it in order to protect their computer from viruses and spyware. If they do it within 3 minutes, they receive the reward; otherwise they are sent to the non-protected computer zone represented with flames.


- SID motto  promotion:

Habbo will encourage the whole Habbo community to support SID slogan by promoting it into their avatar´s motto (can be seen on the person’s Habbo profile when you click on the player.


- SID  2014  official video: 

Will be  promoted among Habbo community   via  our official YouTube channels, official  FB pages  and  Twitters  and Habbo  Safety Centres. The SID video will also be available on our virtual televisions so it can be watched by users from inside their virtual rooms too.


- SID  live parties:

Habbo will create official virtual rooms to celebrate SID together with our users where different parties and activities will be organized.


- Local SID  activities :

We will coordinate local SID activities in collaboration with organizations such as Protégeles  in Spain,  Linha Alerta  in Portugal and  Internet Sans Crainte and Fil santé Jeunes in France.