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Safer Internet Day Hong Kong - Let’s create a better internet together

Since October 2011, WebOrganic has been running a number of student projects under its Seed School Program. These seed schools are information technology pilot in order to promote e-learning. With effort from the whole society, schools become more aware of safe and healthy use of the Internet when they are promoting e-learning.

Between October 2014 and June 2015, WebOrganic is promoting a campaign to primary schools on safe and healthy use of the Internet. WebOrganic provides 12 cartoon videos clips (3 – 4 minutes each) and associated worksheets. The campaign encourages students to share the tips on using Internet with their family members. The campaign reached 4000 students this year.

WebOrganic also offers self-pace online interactive learning courses to primary and secondary school students and their parents. Course topics include “Internet addiction”, “Cyber bullying”, “Compensated dating”, “Inappropriate content, cybercrime and intellectual property”, “Privacy, personal data, identity, computer safety and security”, “Social network”, etc. By different multimedia and interactive resources, WebOrganic endeavors to make the Internet a better place for students and parents altogether.

WebOrganic is supporting different school talks on positive use of the Internet throughout the year. More than 25 schools worked with us to organize Positive Family Workshops and related talks, which were about safe and healthy use of the Internet.

Meanwhile, a number of District Cyber Centres have been organising safer internet training for housewives and elderly citizen in the community. Obviously, they have a different online experience and security measure to the teenagers.

Safer Internet Cartoon Videos for Primary Schoolers (Chinese only)

Promotion campaign period: October 2014 – June 2015

Target audience: Primary school students

Activity highlights:

1.       Organizer will provide 12 video clips (each 3 – 4 minutes) on Hong Kong Digital Academy’s YouTube channel. URL:  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheHKDigitalAcademy

2.       Organizer will provide a student worksheet and 5 safer Internet tips for each video clip. Teachers will conduct lessons using such clips and ask students to finish worksheets.

3.       Campaign will encourage students to become ambassadors to share safer internet tips with at least 2 family members.

4.       Participating schools will conduct school-based safer Internet pledging ceremonies with short video recordings.

5.       Students will receive certification of merit when they fulfilled the campaign requirements.

The video topics include “Sitting properly when using computer” (用電腦要坐好), “Protect your eyes when using computer” (看電腦要護眼), “Treat your pad nicely” (善待你的pad), “Leakage of personal information” (個人資料洩漏記), “Homework Robot Competition” (作業機械人比賽), “Be environmentally friendly when using digital devices” (環保行動數碼通), “Tips for online shopping” (網上購物大偵探), “Tips for making net-friends” (網絡交友大考驗), “Zero tolerance to Cyber-bullying” (網絡欺淩零容忍), “Anti-virus war” (電腦病毒攻防戰), “Internet addiction is dangerous” (沉迷網絡真危險), “Let’s learn through collaboration” (齊來合作學習).

Supporting Organization: A&I Education

Event Webpage:  www.weborganic.hk/video_campaign_intro/ 

Self-pace Online Learning Resources on Safe and Healthy Use of Internet (Chinese only)

Target audience: Primary school students, secondary school students, and parents

Course topics:

  • Computer and Internet basics
  • Internet and youth – Usage, trend and challenges
  • Internet addiction
  • Other Cyber Issues: Cyber bullying
  • Compensated dating
  • Inappropriate content, cybercrime and intellectual property
  • Privacy, personal data, identity, computer safety and security
  • Social network
  • Network citizenship and responsible use of computer and Internet

Supplementary Materials: Trainer’s manual (Chinese only)

Learning Portal: elearning.weborganic.hk/

About the organisers

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in since 2004 to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. The Safer Internet Day is co-organised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and WebOrganic in Hong Kong region.

WebOrganic is a new initiative sponsored by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) to provide students who are from low-income families with e-learning support. During the implementation the programme, WebOrganic also helps to identify the needs and resources required for the implementation of e-learning in schools in order to develop a series of strategies to ensure comprehensive internet learning support is provided while offering help to the students in need at the same time.

The objective of "WebOrganic Seed School Program" is to attract primary and secondary schools as “Seed Schools” (Information Technology pilot schools) in order to promote e-learning. We have obtained full support from a number of renowned international and local IT companies and publishers for their assistance, to provide the “Seed Schools” with support for the application and implementation in the future and also encourage students to leverage this opportunity and become e-learning gurus!

HKCSS has been promoting Digital Inclusion & equitable ICT policies in information society through Information Technology Resource Centre (ITRC) over the past 10 years. A number of renowned projects like Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF) and District Cyber Centres Alliance (DCCA) are building up a sustainable community informatics circumstance by bringing corporate, government and NGO together.

The DCCA scheme starts in 2009. It is a tripartite partnership with the concerted effort of non-government organizations (NGOs), business community and Government, to further bridge the digital divide exists in Hong Kong. The affiliated centres shared the same vision to help narrow the digital divide and integrate the target beneficiary groups into the information society. They aim to bring all kind of ICT services mainly to the women and elderly, from literacy training to internet safety issues.


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