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Safer Internet Day 

IBM is donating three valuable resource and volunteer kits to better educate students, parents and teachers about Internet safety.
1. Control Your Online Identity  - A volunteer education kit that is designed to help teenagers learn to protect personal data online and reputation online. Teenagers are typically savvy about how to use the Internet, but often unaware about what happens to personal data once it's shared. This presentation and volunteer information helps students learn how to protect personal data and control how they present themselves online. 
2. Internet Safety Coaching - Aimed at teachers or adults working with children, this is a general primer on Internet safety providing basic information about common Internet activities by young people including instant messaging and social networking. This kit is designed to raise awareness of Internet safety and how to have meaningful and open dialogue with children on this topic. 
3. Cyberbullying - Aimed at parents or adults who work with children, this activity helps adults learn about how young people use the Internet today and how to recognize cyberbullying symptoms, how to prevent online bullying from happening and how to intervene if it does happen. 
Here is a short summary of some of the activities planned on or around Safer Internet Day on February 7 2012:
  • In Germany, IBM will issue a press release with klicksafe, the national partner of the Insafe Network The release will set out details of an extended partnership between the two organisations which will build upon the highly successful Manage Your Identity initiative in which more than 500 IBM volunteers, including employees, retirees and business partners, delivered over 100 interactive workshops on the topic to more around 3,000 students around the country. This initiative is ongoing.
  • In Finland, as part of the Safer Internet Day initiative, a national summit on Internet Safety will take place in Helsinki City Hall, in partnership with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL), the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) and the Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Media. The summit will be streamed live online and a roundtable discussion will be facilitated by Nina Huhtala, IBM's lead volunteer in the area of Cyberbullying. This summit follows the highly successful introduction of Cyberbullying awareness workshops for parents run by more than 60 volunteers in around 100 schools across Finland. This initiative is ongoing.
  • In Spain, Flora Egea, IBM Europe Data Privacy Officer, will give a speech to young students at a secondary school in Madrid about security and data protection in the social media environment. Also, IBM will host a roundtable event with the Alia2 Foundation to present the results of a recent survey of teenagers and young people about their use of the Internet. Other organisations such as Defensor del Menor, Telef√≥nica and Tuenti will join the roundtable.
  • In Romania, IBM volunteers are partnering with 2 NGOs - APDETIC and Junior Achievement Romania - to deliver an Internet Safety session to a class of 25 students aged 16-17. The session will focus on controlling your online identity. 
  • In the UK, IBM is partnering with NGO YPNGlobal on an initiative called CyberChampions which aims to promote online safety awareness in schools and youth organisations. 7 IBM volunteers will run a Safer Internet Day session for 60 10-11 year-old students from a London primary school at IBM's offices in South Bank.
  • In Italy, 6 Internet Safety and Cyberbullying presentations for adults and children will take place in schools around the country. Also, on February 7, the President of the Italian Parliament will host a press conference on the theme in conjunction with Safer Internet Day. The initiative in Italy is led by Save the Children and has 50 participating members, including IBM. IBM Italy will also issue a press release outlining its commitment to this area. IBM Italy has designated February as an impact month on Internet Safety and is promoting volunteer activities through a variety of channels.
  • In Portugal, IBM volunteers will give school presentations using the Internet Safety for Kids and Cyberbullying Activity Kits with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education.
  • In Switzerland, a class of 30 children will visit IBM's Headquarters in Zurich to take part in an Internet Safety workshop. Alongside this session, an enablement session for IBM volunteers looking to engage in this topic will be held.
  • In Egypt, IBMers and their families will be invited to attend a speech by Dr Khaled Negm, IBM Technical Security Sales Leader, Security & Privacy, who is leading a task force to train Egyptian Counsellors on Internet Safety.
For more information on IBM volunteer and citizenship efforts, please visit
Last year IBM employees donated more than three million hours of volunteer service.  The company has donated 34 volunteer kits to help both IBMers as well as community members have meaningful activities and dialogues in the community about various issues.


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