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On Safer Internet Day 2014 SAFT will organizing a one day conference. The first part of the conference will focused on this year’s SID topic. In the latter part we organized as a follow up to the first Icelandic IGF meeting held at SID 2011, with number of different workshop and with participation of different stakeholders. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Welfare and Ministry of Interior will participated – all ministers will addressed the conference. The Youth Panel will play a big role, i.e. in preparation and sitting in the panel of six workshops organized. As previously the conference will be streamed online . The SID spot will be aired online on all 3 major TV stations in Iceland on SID.

SID 2014 activities:

1. The SID spot will be aired on all 3 national TV stations in Iceland

2. A conference on “Let’s create a better internet together” in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Welfare and Interior, and the University of Iceland.

3. All 3 national TV stations and the major radio stations will cover SID 2014 in the news and talk shows

4. SID 2014 will be promoted in all major newspapers and local community papers across Iceland. It will also be promoted with web-banners, direct mailing through our network and with viral marketing via Facebook, Youtube etc.

About SAFT

Heimili and skoli, the National Parent Association in Iceland, has been the National Awareness Node for Internet Safety in Iceland since 2004. The name created for the awareness raising efforts is Samfélag, fjölskylda og tækni (Community, Family and Technology), with the acronym SAFT. As awareness centre under the EU Safer Internet Programme, Heimili og skoli aims are to raise awareness on the safe and positive use of the Internet and new media among children, parents, teachers, policy makers, and the ICT industry in Iceland. Since 2012 Heimili og skoli, Barnaheill - Save the Children Iceland, National Police and The Red Cross have been responsible for running the Icelandic Safer Internet Center.

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