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INHOPE is an active and collaborative network of 49 hotlines in 43 countries worldwide, dealing with illegal content online and committed to stamping out child sexual abuse from the Internet.

INHOPE and its member hotlines are staunch supporters of the Safer Internet Day. They actively engage in campaigns and activities worldwide to encourage safe and responsible online behaviours while alerting on existing risks and emerging threats. 

INHOPE Hotlines offer the public a way of anonymously reporting Internet material including child sexual abuse material they suspect to be illegal. The Hotline will ensure that the matter is investigated and if found to be illegal the information will be passed to the relevant Law Enforcement Agency and in many cases the Internet Service Provider hosting the content.

INHOPE comprises the INHOPE Association and the INHOPE Foundation, a charity constituted in 2010 to help develop new hotlines worldwide, particularly in emerging countries where there is a lack of funding or even legislation. The Foundation currently assists the development of 3 hotlines in 3 countries: Colombia, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

 Founded in 1999, the International Association of Internet Hotlines coordinates a network of 46 Internet Hotlines in 40 countries across the globe, supporting them in responding to reports of illegal content to make the Internet safer. This was achieved with funding and support from the European Commission under the Safer Internet Programme.


  • To maintain a worldwide network of national Hotlines 

  • To ensure rapid and effective response to reports of illegal content by developing consistent, effective and secure mechanisms for exchanging reports between Hotlines internationally, and ensuring a coordinated approach is taken 

  • To implement INHOPE policies and best practice standards for Hotlines and encourage exchange of expertise 

  • To expand the network of INHOPE members providing consultation and training of Hotlines to meet INHOPE best practice standards 

  • To educate and inform policymakers and stakeholders at an international level, including government, law enforcement, child welfare groups, industry and other related bodies, with the aim of achieving improved international cooperation 

  • To raise awareness of INHOPE and member Hotlines as a single point of contact for global reports of illegal content 

  • To identify new trends in cyber crimes and develop solutions 

Illegal use of the Internet 

The Internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business and ultimately the way we live. Unfortunately, as with many new forms of technology, there is also a downside to the Internet. In the mid 1990’s concerns were raised over the new types of illegal content being found online, the key areas of concern being:

  • Child sexual abuse images

  • Online Grooming

  • Hate Speech 

  • Hotlines have a key role to play in making the Internet a safer place. 

  • International Cooperation 

Often illegal material reported to Hotlines is hosted beyond the borders of their own country and the national jurisdiction. The global network of INHOPE member Hotlines provides a means to pass the relevant information, without delay, to be handled in the country where the site is hosted.

Illegal activity on the Internet is a cross border problem that no organisation can effectively tackle alone. Hotlines have the support of their national government, Internet industry, law enforcement, and Internet users in the country of operation and they offer effective transparent procedures for dealing with reports.

To report illegal content please visit


  • Jozef IsraĆ«lskade, 46v
  • 1072 SB Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands