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Safer Internet Day 2015

Over the years, Safer Internet Day (SID) has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar. Starting as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project in 2004 and taken up by the Insafe network of European Safer Internet Centres as one of its earliest actions in 2005, Safer Internet Day has grown beyond its traditional geographic zone and is now celebrated in more than a 100 countries worldwide, and across six continents. From cyberbullying to social networking, each year Insafe aims to be at the forefront of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns.

Safer Internet Day 2015 will be the 12th edition of the event, and will take place on Tuesday 10 February 2015. The theme for the day is ‘Let's create a better internet together'.

We invite you to join us in making SID 2015 the biggest and best Safer Internet Day yet, and have developed a range of great resources and activities to help raise awareness and spread the message:

SID overview video 

  • This video gives an overview of the background and history to Safer Internet Day. It is an extremely useful tool for introducing SID to those who are not yet familiar with it. Watch the video here.

Social media campaign

  • Through our Facebook and Twitter accounts we have been disseminating our activities engaging members of the community among others on celebrating Safer Internet Day. Also we have started promoting our SIC and Safer Internet Day Committees events in order to give more visibility to the SID activities worldwide.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: - if you are a Twitter user, you can follow SID updates, from Insafe and other SID supporters, using the #SID2015 tag.

Safer Internet Day Involvement Kit for Schools 

  • As result of last year’s success, Insafe will again produce the Safer Internet Day Involvement Kit for Schools which, this year, will include a greater range of resources from across the Insafe network. It will be made available for download online, and all schools registering for Safer Internet Day 2014 will receive information on email. 

You’ll also find a range of resources and promotional tools on our ‘Get involved’ page.

For more information on local events, activities and resources to celebrate SID, please visit your Safer Internet Centre’s of local SID Committees SID page for more information.

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