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Safer Internet Day in Ireland

Organisations across the country will be getting involved; running information sessions for parents, giving talks in schools, hosting workshops, and generally encouraging safer and more positive use of the internet by children. You can find out what is going on by visiting

Webwise will be coordinating a nationwide campaign that encourages young people to do something positive to help combat online bullying. The key campaign messages are that bullying affects us all; it won't go away if we do nothing! But it can if we do something

They will reach out to young people and encourage them to address the issue of cyber bullying themselves by leading awareness raising campaigns in their schools, and communities. They will provide support, inspiration and resources to students as they take ownership of the problem of cyber bullying and make a stand against it through developing their own creative and innovative campaigns. 

Webwise have developed a resource pack containing awareness raising collateral, a new teaching resource for dealing with the issue of cyber bullying through the SPHE curriculum in post primary schools and an innovative interactive poster initiative. The pack will challenge young people to find new ways to use the internet and social media to stand up to bullying and show solidarity with victims.  It will be launched by Ruairi Quinn TD, Minister for Education and Skills. You can get more details close to SID 2014 at

Webwise Ireland

Webwise is an internet safety initiative focused on raising awareness of online safety issues and good practice among students, their parents and teachers. We are part of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). Webwise is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre which is funded by the Department of Education and Skills and the EU Safer Internet Programme. We are members of the Insafe network.

The SaferInternetIE (SII) project is a consortium of industry, education, child welfare and government partners that provide awareness, hotline and helpline functions and activities in the Republic of Ireland.

The project, coordinated by the Office for Internet Safety, aims to develop national initiatives promoting the safer use of electronic media and enhance protection of the vulnerable - particularly children - against the downside of the internet.



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