ISRAEL Safer Internet Day Committee ISRAEL Safer Internet Day Committee

The National Week for Online Safety Education in Israel is marked as "Leading Initiatives for Online Safety”.

The Annual National Week for Online Safety Education in Israel – February 8-13, 2015 - involves in-classroom and online activities through the entire state educational system, and it is a coordinated effort for increasing the awareness for internet safety, digital citizenship, how to reduce potential risks, and to cope with harmful online incidents. The program is designed to empower students, teachers, and parents about their ability to structure and encourage appropriate behavioral norms in the digital space, while emphasizing the importance of online safety topics such as privacy, wise digital citizenship, and the important role of the bystanders in reducing online violence.  

New for 2015: “Leading Initiatives for Online Safety”

Under this new program, students of all ages will create innovative activities and artifacts that are designed to support various aspects of online safety educations. Such initiatives may include creating short movies, posters, short theater plays, mobile applications, and other educational materials and activities. Prior to designing and creating their initiatives, the students will participate in workshops about innovative ideas generation and online safety norms, including the emotional aspects.

In addition to the initiatives program, during the national week students will be given online and offline experts’ lectures from educational consolers, police officers including the cybercrime unit, Israel Internet Association, Hi-Teach professionals, National Parents Association, and the National Students Counsels. Experts’ lectures will also be given to the teachers and the parents as well.

The Israeli Ministry of Education is leading and coordinating this national scale project, with the support and collaboration of other government agencies and partners including the Ministry of Homeland Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Communications, Israel Police, Israel Internet Association, Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Eshnav Online Safety Association. 

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