ISRAEL Safer Internet Day Committee ISRAEL Safer Internet Day Committee

National week for Online Safety Education in Israel is marked as "Together we weaver a better net”.

The National Week for Online Safety Education in Israel (Feb 11-18, 2014) involves online and face to face activities through the education system and it is a coordinated effort for increasing awareness around safety on the internet, how to reduce potential risks, and to cope with incidents. The activity program was designed to empower students, teacher, and parents about their ability to structure and encourage appropriate behavior norms in the digital world, while emphasizing the importance of cyber security topics such as privacy, password security, smart digital citizenship, and the safeguarding personal information. 

Panel discussions are held all across the country with schoolchildren and different cyber security experts among them: High-Tech specialists, educational consultants, Israeli police, Israel Internet Association, National Parents Association and the National Students Counsel. 40,000 participants were counted in over 100 different panels in middle schools. In addition, soldiers from the Israel Defense Force ICT Department lectured on safe Internet issues to high school students, and the Israeli Internet Association (ISOC) provided a number of lectures to 1500 elementary school students.  

Online distance learning meetings were held using the online virtual campus to 600 elementary school classes. The children had the honor of meeting with a security specialist from hi-tech companies, talking to them on various online security issues, providing tips and guidance on how to protect themselves from different threats and be responsible digital citizens.

The Israeli Ministry of Education managed and coordinated this national scale project, with the support of several partners including: Israel Police, Israel Defense Forces, Ministry of Public Defense, Youth public Defense, ISOC, Microsoft Corporation, Intel, Google, and Eshnav. 

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