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Safer Internet Day 2015 Milan 10th of February 

On the Safer Internet Day, the Italian Safer Internet Centre will organize an event at University Milano Bicocca. 

In the morning two experts will involve 800 students in sharing their views, opinions and experiences to help them to understand how they can use internet properly. The morning will represent an important occasion to discuss with young people not only about internet safety but especially about the positive aspects and contents that the web can offer them.

In the afternoon a conference will take place. The representatives of national and international institutions, NGOs and industries, as well as the main Italian stakeholders will all be present to work and discuss how we can create a better internet together.

During the day, a dedicated hashtag #quellideSID will be available on the most important social network to give the opportunity to all the children and adolescent who want to recount their experience and express their opinion to intervene and be actively involved in the event.

Connected Generations 
Connected Generations is the name of the new project coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and that which is carrying forward the work of the former Youth Online Centre, an experience that came to a close in 2012. 

The project, which will be carried out over two years, foresees a collaboration involving Save the Children Italy, Telefono Azzurro, the Interior Ministry Postal Police and Communications Department, Child and Adolescents Watchdog Authorities, the E.D.I.  Cooperative and the Citizens Defense Movement, and proposes, more specifically, to:
  • promote awareness-raising and educational activities in schools across the country. Peer-educational activities with students and interactive seminars with teachers and parents are just a couple of the activities planned for the 216 schools, from lower secondary to secondary ones, that are involved in the project; 
  • create a network for adolescents at a national level, with the aim of promoting initiatives that can be used to carry their views to contexts and current and future agendas; 
  • promote interventions targeting the prevention and fight against the online sexual abuse of minors; 
  • promote the creation of networks at regional levels between the various actors involved in this issue: law enforcement, regional scholastic offices, public and private social services, etc.;
  • promote useful tools – including a helpline service – to provide support for children, adolescents and parents with regard to negative and/or problematical experiences inherent in the use of New Media. 

The project website is available here.



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