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ITU Child Online Protection Initiative

ITU launched the Child Online Protection (COP) initiative in November 2008 as a multistakeholder effort within the Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) framework aimed at bringing together partners from all sectors of the global community to ensure a safe and secure online experience for children everywhere. Please visit us:

COP aims to tackle cybersecurity holistically, addressing legal, technical, organizational and procedural issues as well as capacity building and international cooperation.

Our children are our future. This universal fact, coupled with young people’s particular vulnerability in an online environment, made a specialized initiative within the larger GCA framework a necessity. 

The legal, technical and institutional challenges posed by the issue of cybersecurity are global and far-reaching and can only be addressed through a coherent strategy taking into account the role of different stakeholders and existing initiatives, within a framework of an international collaborative network.

COP has been established as an international collaborative network for action to promote the online protection of children worldwide by providing guidance on safe online behaviour in conjunction with other UN agencies and partners.

This year, ITU together with its partners is planning several activities to celebrate the SID 2014.

- Training for Staff: ITU together with Action Innocence, a non-governmental organization working on preserving the integrity and dignity of children on the Internet, will conduct one hour training on tools that would enable parents to keep their children safe online. 

Training for childrenITU is organizing two training sessions which will be offered free of charge by the International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium (ISC)2’s  Safe and Secure Online program, in English and French respectively, for a maximum of 40 students each.  At the end of the training sessions, the students will have the opportunity to visit the ICT Discovery museum. We will welcome students between the ages of 10 and 14, along with their teachers and career advisers.

For more information regarding the COP Global Initiative please visit our website.


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