Tips for protecting your family online are:

  • Supervision – This may seem obvious, but supervise your child’s internet use. Encourage them to visit and stay on websites you’re familiar with. If you have any concerns you can look at their browsing history. Be sure to know about any password protected sites they may be accessing and ask them to share their login details with you.
  • Be open – Encourage your child to be open about what they are doing online and who they are socialising with. Promote a culture of safety within the home and talk about the possible dangers which exist. 
  • Protect your family – Use parental control on sites you don’t want your child looking at as part of your online security product – it’s an easy way to avoid disaster.

Kaspersky Lab joins the celebration of SID, the 5th of February, with the goal of promoting worldwide safe and responsible use of new technologies, to raise awareness of all Internet users, regardless their age, regarding the need to be safe on the net.

Children deserve a separated mention as they are the most vulnerable group. To educate them in the correct use of Internet is a task that parents have to introduce as part of their training.

About Kaspersky Lab

We believe that everyone should be free to get the most from technology – without intrusion or other security worries. Our crack team of specialists gives you the freedom to live your digital life without worrying about your personal information and assets. For 14 years, our team of experts has worked on exposing, analyzing and neutralizing IT threats. Along the way, we have amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge about malware and how to deal with it. Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security companies worldwide. Today, it is firmly positioned as one of the world’s top four leading vendors of endpoint security software. Kaspersky Lab continues to further improve its market position, demonstrating significant growth in all regions. According to the company’s 2010 financial results, Kaspersky Lab’s global revenue grew by 38% compared to the previous year and exceeded US $500 million. In 2011, Kaspersky Lab celebrates its fourteenth anniversary. Undoubtedly, the company’s most valuable asset is the relentless expertise it has gained in those years of combating viruses and other IT threats, enabling us to preempt trends in malware development. This helps us to remain one step ahead of the competition and provide our users with the most reliable protection from new types of attack.
From Viruses to Cybercrime: In the past, PCs were mainly under threat from viruses and worms. The main purpose of these programs was to spread; however, some programs were also designed to cause damage to files and PCs. Such malicious software, or “malware”, could be described as ‘cyber vandalism’. In the majority of cases, the goal of viruses and worms was to spread as much as possible, with a high infection rate leading to fame for that program. But in recent years, the situation has changed drastically. Today, the biggest threat faced by computers is crimeware. This malicious software is written by cybercriminals with the purpose of making money illegally. Crimeware may take the form of viruses, worms, Trojans or other malicious programs.
As internet and e-mail become an ever-increasing part of our  21-century lives. The myriad dangers and risks that come with them are increasing too.
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