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The Safer Internet Day in Latvia along with other countries is going to be celebrated on 11/02/2014. The slogan of this year's campaign is "Let's create a better internet together!"

The main planned activities of the SAFER INTERNT DAY 2014 in LATVIA:

I. As the central event in Latvia on the 11/02/2014 we will organise a Forum with the topic of „Let's create a better internet together” The Forum will bring together researchers, internet industry, teachers, education specialists, other experts and youngsters aged 14 – 19.

Forum will be devided in 3 parts:

  • Presentation session
  • Discussion session
  • Practical work session

II. Comepetition for youngsters aged 14 - 19 to find the New Internet Gurus. The competition will invite participants to find and/or create interactive, interesting and modern education materials that could suppement the traditional educational process and make it more interesting. More information here:

III. Libraries are invited to participate and help "Tavelling Latvian Brear" to explore new towns and cities. To participate the Libraries have to register here:

IV. Resources about online safety are gathered in a blog, where educational videos are supplemented with lesson plans, case studies, questions for discussions etc. The blog will be promoted in schools to celebrate SID.


More information on Centre's website.


What we are doing to help create a better internet...

Every aspect of the Safer Internet Centre - awareness rising, education, youth panel, helpline and hotline – is like putting the pieces of puzzle together to create a better internet.

To try to put this puzzle together just on our own is not as efficient as working together with partners – we need support and understanding form government and internet industry, information and opinions from children and youngsters and international exchange of best practice with other countries and their Safer Internet Centres.

We strive for the best by coordinating, networking, planning and executing everything that we think will help to create a better internet for everybody, but especially children.

Net-Safe Latvia Safer Internet Centre’s Team