LEBANON Safer Internet Day Committee LEBANON Safer Internet Day Committee

Safer Internet Day 2014

 Safer Internet Day Committee in Lebanon is facilitated by the Higher Council for Childhood (affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs) and gathers representatives from several ministries, international and local NGOs as well as many actors from the private sector.

The main committee members are: World Vision in Lebanon, Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities, Makhzoumi, The Center for Educational Research and Development, Himaya, Al Mahdi Scouts and Guides, Tekram and Microsoft Lebanon.

Sponsors of the SID campaign 2014 include: Wise, Microsofr, Kidz Mondo, Beirut in, Moms and to be Magazine, Promomedia and Vivad

SID 2014 Activities:

1.      National Public and Private school competition a national school competition was launched and children from 26 schools have signed on to the competition. Children developed various awareness raising material (Games, posters, videos, stories, and many other products) relating to children’s safety over the internet. The materials submitted were evaluated by a committee including representatives from ministries and NGOs to select the best material developed and announce the winning schools and children.


2.      National event on February 11, 2014: Under the Patronage of the HE Minister of Social Affairs, a national event will be held on the Safer Internet Day. Around 1000 child from private and public schools participating in the school competition will attend. During the event the winners of the school competition will be announced and awards will be provided. Children will also attend a theatrical performance addressing many of the issues that face children while using the internet.


3.      A National awareness campaign during the SID week: LED screen advertisements around Greater Beirut Area will be rolling during the week, constant updating of the National Internet Safety facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SaferInternetDayLebanon) , facebook Ads, SMS campaign through Touch and Alfa with the support of the Ministry of Telecommunications and mass emails with awareness messages to Internet Service Providers and Mobile Managers. This year’s campaign theme is “In Reality and over the Internet, Your Safety is the most important“ and will target children but also parents and the general Lebanese public during the entire SID week.

Other awareness activities will be held in the communities to raise awareness of children, teachers and parents on internet safety and mechanism by which the protection of children can be ensured.

Future Activities:

- Various awareness raising activities will be held in different areas throughout the year to equip children and parents with the appropriate skills and knowledge to ensure children’s protection over the internet.


-  Training will be continued to teachers, social workers and concerned security forces to build their capacities and knowledge regarding the protection issues that children might face will using the internet and the best approaches and available mechanism to address this problem.


-  Advocacy efforts are ongoing to strengthen the existing Lebanese legal framework support the protection of children over the internet and criminalize abusers of children over the internet through lobbying and strengthening the existing legal framework. 


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