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Safer Internet Day in Lithuania

The project SIC LT II is a continuation of the Safer Internet LT SIC project, which has been implemented in 2011-2012 in Lithuania. The Safer Internet consortium in Lithuania has recently increased its activities, and there are now four official partners:

  • Awareness Centre - Centre of Information Technologies of Education (CITE)
  • Hotline - Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT)
  • Helpline - NGO “Vaikų linija” (Child Line)
  • Training Centre - NGO “Langas į ateitį” (Window to the Future).
  • Centre of Information Technology of Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania (CITE) – is a project coordinator, responsible for the activities of Safer Internet Centre. CITE initiates and coordinates the work of various national and private organizations in the process of computerizing of educational and education administration agencies. It develops, accumulates, and disseminates computerized learning tools, administrates educational information systems and develops and supervises the computer networks in education.
  • Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) – one of the Safer Internet project beneficiaries, responsible for the operations of the hotline. RRT is the national regulator which coordinates the work among others about consumer education and raising awareness, reduction of negative impact of network and information security incidents and illegal content. Among its tasks are also the management of network and information security incidents (CERT functions), the encouragement of the development of legal and standardization measures of networks and information security.
  • Association “Langas į ateitį” (LIA) – is one of the Safer Internet project beneficiaries in Lithuania responsible for the awareness centre’s activities. Non-profit NGO “Langas į ateitį” has been initiated in Lithuania in 2002 by  socially responsible business companies which,  cooperating with local and central government integrating  private, state and EU funds, is actively involved in the development of information society in Lithuania. Its mission is to increase the accessibility of internet and e-services in Lithuania by providing computer literacy and Internet trainings, establishing public internet access points, stimulating the growth of e-services countrywide and encouraging safe usage of ICT.
  • NGO; (Childline) provides the helpline functions from July 2011. Childline provides emotional support for children and adolescents in Lithuania for more than 15 years. Childline provides counselling for children and adolescents from all over of Lithuania: via phone every day 11a.m. - 9 p.m. by free-toll number 116 111 and via Internet at . All new counsellors have to go through the training for about 5 months. Qualification and knowledge on “Safety on Internet” topic of the existing consultants is being continuously improved during the case study analysis, seminars, monthly meetings of counsellors and other workshops. The new program is being implemented from September 2012. Moreover, Childline implements the Anti-bullying campaign and organizes different anti-bullying events.

The objectives of the project 

The project aims to increase public awareness about harmful content and conduct on internet, promote a safer online environment and provide the public with a contact point to report illegal and harmful content and conduct. Special focus is put on child sexual abuse material, grooming and cyber bullying.

SIC LT II launched two already traditional competitions for the children and youth. The first one is "Safer internet events in my school" aimed to promote  SID 2013 in a various ways. The second is the creative comics competition of Lithuanian students' "Net etiquette".

Safer Internet Day 2014

NETraditional online lesson. Lithuanian SIC aims to involve more children from all-over Lithuania, so to reach this goal, during SID 2014 every school has an opportunity to attend online lesson, which is held during the main SID 2014 event. NETraditional online lesson is targeted to 10-13 age group students. This lesson’s teacher and experts is famous Lithuanian people, who guides youngsters through the Internet and encourage them to perform different playful tasks there. NETraditional online lesson is broadcasted to all Lithuanian schools during SID 2014, at 11.00 am local time. It is promoted on the national policy level, via the SIC project website, consortium partners and industry partners channels.

Competitions for schools. With regard to SID 2014 Lithuanian SIC organized three competitions for different age groups:

  • Paintings competition "Greet the Safer Internet" (pre-school and primary school students);
  • Creative comics competition (1–8 grades);
  • Competition for online game ideas (9–12 grades).

318 entries from 32 schools were submitted for paintings competition. 316 entries from 40 schools – for creative comics competition. 45 entries from 15 schools – for online game ideas competition. Award ceremony of the winners of these competitions is on February 11 during the SID 2014.

Safer Internet Week in libraries. On February 10-15 public libraries of Lithuanian municipalities are invited to join Safer Internet Week activities. In libraries everyone will be able to watch educational movies, make a test, take a part in competitions and participate in lessons about being safe on the Internet.

Professionals’ initiative in schools. On February 10-14 vocational volunteering project "Kam to reikia" helps to implement activities dedicated to SID and offers teachers and pupils an opportunity to invite professionals to their schools to discuss online safety issues.

All SID 2014 materials are going to be used after SID for the afterward events and competitions in Lithuanian schools to create better Internet together.

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