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Safer Internet Day 2015 in Luxembourg

Let's create a better internet together

What we are doing to help create a better Internet

Creating a better Internet requires both being proactive and being responsive.
Anticipating is not always easy, as it involves mere theories and the hope or conviction that things will turn out the way you planned. But still, they’re essential if you want to make changes. Such is the case with media education. Children start using Internet devices like tablets, smartphones or computers before they can even talk. Growing up in the digital age means being a cyber-citizen without knowing your civic duties and rights until someone explains them to you, which is probably years after you’ve started surfing the net. This is why media education at a very young age is crucial. With we created a children’s website with games, audio stories to listen to and fun handicraft ideas. The side effect of learning how to safely behave in the online world comes as a convenient bonus.
We also find it essential to raise awareness by means of campaigns. They are proactive and reactive at the same time: on the one hand educating people and thus helping to avoid net-related problems, and on the other hand accentuating current conflicts and giving instructions how to solve them.
But creating a better Internet is above all a challenge that must be faced together. One single institution cannot change a community of 2.5 billion members and keep an eye on all their content. Therefore, we must work together and be strong partners across borders.

About BEE SECURE Luxembourg

As awareness centre under the EU Safer Internet Programme, BEE SECURE raises awareness and informs the public about children’s use of the internet and new technologies. The aim is to provide children, parents and teachers with knowledge and tools for guiding and empowering children in the information and media society.

The Luxembourg Awareness Centre has positioned itself as a key player for information and activities treating the different aspects of children’s use of the internet and mobile in Luxembourg. A strong network of national stakeholders supports the awareness centre project and ensures the dissemination of surveys, educational materials, information and advice.

The centre initiates, coordinates and participates in a broad range of activities and initiatives with the aim to raise awareness in its area. Among others:

  • National campaigns
    The BEE SECURE Awareness Centre coordinates the Luxembourg celebration of Safer Internet Day and continuously cooperates with a large group of stakeholders on a variety of other campaigns – i.e. at different fairs and youth events.

  • Reaching the target groups
    In order to reach and learn from the specific target groups, the BEE SECURE Awareness Centre is making presentations at conferences and schools on a continuous basis. The Centre is providing internet-safety classes in schools, dealing both with technical and behavioural aspects. This course is mandatory for all 7th classes in Luxembourg. The Centre also answers to requests from parent organisations and teachers to provide presentations and trainings.

  • Educational materials
    Maintaining and updating the awareness tools and material is done on a continuous basis and pedagogical resources can be found on

  • New knowledge
    The BEE SECURE Awareness Centre, along with relevant national stakeholders (Ministry of Health, CASES) is looking at building new knowledge on health aspects related to computer and Internet use. Focus is on ergonomics and addiction issues.

The Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre

The Luxembourg Awareness Centre has been operating since November 2006, along with its helpline. Since November 2008, it has become a Safer Internet Centre, combining with the hotline LISA Stopline, dedicated to the fight against illegal content online. In 2012, LISA Stopline became BEE SECURE Stopline. The goal of this name change was to integrate the hotline more into the activities of the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre BEE SECURE, consisting of awareness raising activites, BEE SECURE Helpline and BEE SECURE Stopline.

Report illegal online content to the national Hotline:

Contact the national helpline :

8002 1234

Coordination of the BEE SECURE Awareness Centre

Up to October 2010, the center had been coordinated by three partners and operated under the name LuSI – Luxembourg Safer Internet. Since November 2011, the national youth service SNJ (Service National de la Jeunesse) has taken over the LuSI project and the name has changed to BEE SECURE. The Helpline and the Stopline are managed by KJT – KannerJugend Telefon, the national helpline operating for 20 years and former member of the LuSI consortium. The project is supported by three ministries: the Ministry of Economy and Foreign affaires, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Family.

Safer Internet Day 2014 in Luxembourg
Events planned by BEE SECURE

  • Live Radio Broadcast
    • The media class of the Lycée Michel Rodange will be on air reporting and responding to listeners' questions Radio ARA (15h00-16h00)
  • Safer Internet Week
    • European School Mamer
  • BEE SECURE for School Trainings
    • Nordstadlycée Diekirch
    • St George's International School.
    • Primary schools Ell, Saeul and Rosport
  • BEE SECURE for parents Trainings
    • Genderhaus in Redange/Attert.
    • St George's International School.
  • Workshop "Web Surf License" in the childcare centre Päiperlék Junglinster.
  • BEE SECURE for parents Parent's Evening in Redange/Attert.
  • CIRCL Security Workshop for Journalists.
  • IT Security related posts on the blog of Gust Mees
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