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BeSmartOnline! - Malta

For the 4th consecutive year, BeSmartOnline! shall be organising a number of initiatives to mark Safer Internet Day 2015. The following initiatives are planned for this year:

Seminar for Early Childhood Intervention Specialists:

The Early Intervention Service aims to provide a family centred and comprehensive support system for children with developmental disabilities or delays in the first five years (0-5) of life. The principle is to minimize the delays and maximize the chances of reaching typical milestones in development. It also supports and implements screening procedures to increase the early identification of difficulties and provide the family support as early as possible to families.

Objective of the Seminar is that of providing these specialists with insights into the impact of technology on the development of children. 

SID 15 RoadShow:

BeSmartOnline! shall hit the road on a mini-tour around Malta. We shall be making stops in towns and setting up an information stands within traditional local open air markets to disseminate information to children and parents with related messages. 

Day event for Migrants residing in Open Centres:

Children and their parents/carers currently residing in Open Centres will be invited to attend a day packed of fun activities dedicated to providing them with information on how to be safe online. 



The BeSmartOnline!-Safer Internet Centre for Malta project kick-started on the 1st of October 2010. This project involves a number of players including the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), which is leading the project, Aġenzija Appoġġ, which forms part of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, the Commissioner for Children and the Department of Education together with the assistance of the Cybercrime Unit within the Malta Police Force.