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Who are we?

The Child Rights Information Center (CRIC) is a non-governmental organization, set up in 1999. All our programs are developed and implemented based on research and child rights. CRIC provides access to information related to children's rights for all interested and/or responsible parties.
Our vision
Children enjoy their rights, their views are taken into account and they are empowered to participate in the different settings – family, school, community – being guided and supported by parents and professionals.
We will work to ensure both children and adults are equipped with knowledge about children's rights, how to use them, and will support children and adults to participate in improving the realization of their rights.
Focus and approach
CRIC interventions are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and focus on the following five areas:
  • children's participation in decision-making processes
  • family environment (and alternative care)
  • education
  • protection of children from all forms of violence
  • protection of children from economic exploitation and trafficking.
These areas are interconnected and interrelated in the same way as the children's rights they correspond to.
CRIC contributes to the realization of children's rights especially through:
  • supporting children's participation in the CRC monitoring process
  • producing materials and tools as well as conducting training on children's rights issues (both for children and adults)
  • strengthening the capacities of professionals working with children
  • capacity building of the institutions responsible for the implementation of children's rights.

Child Rights Information Centre Moldova (CRIC)