MovieStarPlanet - 'Lets Create A Better Internet Together'

Based in Denmark, MovieStarPlanet is a young and vibrant company that specializes in the development and marketing of social interactive games for children. We are located in Copenhagen, where over 80 employees currently work with passion and dedication in relation to constantly improving and expanding the MovieStarPlanet online experience. The MovieStarPlanet ApS Group of Games now includes Boonie Planet and RoboBlast Planet.


Our mission is to deliver a compelling online and interactive social network and entertainment universe for children aged eight to fifteen, within a safe and dynamic online environment. We do this through a combination of continuous product innovation and improvements, strong partnerships and user involvement.

Keeping children safe, within the online community, is of paramount concern to everyone employed at MovieStarPlanet. Although safety within the site is our responsibility, we work in partnership with parents, children and other stakeholders to make the online community a safe and entertaining online environment for children. We are continually monitoring and updating our online safety measures to safeguard children within the MovieStarPlanet online community.

Safer Internet Day 2015
The events for SID 2015 will once again be organised and produced within the MovieStarPlanet online community, with a theme being designed and released in February, to coincide with the theme, 'Lets create a better internet together'. We will be holding events within the online community on safer internet issues and creating a better internet together. Children can take part in the theme and update their knowledge to gain new insights into online safety. To further promote SID 2015, the MovieStarPlanet moderators will wear special SID 2015 'Lets create a better internet together' T shirts that will be visible on their avatar when they are online. There will be a special MovieStarPlanet item made available on the in February to mark SID 2015. Special pop ups with messages about SID 2015 will appear within the game, when users log on. This will be used to further promote SID 2015. 
The SID 2015 Logo will be on the front page of our websites in all countries where MovieStarPlanet is operational. Videos related to anti-bullying campaigns and other safer internet issues will be promoted on the 'MSP TV' console within the game. As MovieStarPlanet has over 150 Million registered profiles, throughout the world, these videos will be viewed by many children during the period they are being promoted.      

Lets Create A Better Internet Together



MovieStarPlanet defends the right for everyone to express their views openly and freely in relation to freedom of speech issues. Children have the right to express themselves on MovieStarPlanet within forums and via the production of films and art work. This is reflected in our commitment to support Article 13 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Online rights come with responsibilities to other users of MovieStarPlanet, in terms of safeguarding all children who use the online community. Where that right of expression conflicts with protecting a child from bullying, exploitation or abuse, we believe the welfare of the child must be paramount. Therefore, we promote online rights for children and take children seriously in producing positive content within a safe environment. These issues go hand in hand in relation to SID 2015 in creating a better internet together.



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