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Safer Internet Day 2015 in the Netherlands

Internet and online media quickly became part of the lives of children and young people. At Safer Internet Day 2015, we look at the trends and developments involving young people, the Internet and online media. But we also look at how children think about the future of various media - both the opportunities and the dangers - and what this means for operators, content creators, advertisers, business and government. Let's create a better internet toghether. 
The Dutch Safer Internet Center organises a symposium for all stakeholders in FOX Theater in Hoofddorp, togehter with her partners (KPN, UPC, Ziggo, SIDN, CA-ICT, IBM, Vodafone, T-Mobile, ministry of Economic Affairs) and with Sanoma, a media company with for instanse Donald Duck in its portfolio.
More to come!

As part of the EU Safer Internet Program, (before: Digibewust) raises awareness and informs Dutch citizens about using the internet and new technologies in a safe and responsible way. is launched in October 2014 as national website for all answers on questions about online safety. Next to this website initiaties, coordinates and participates in a broad range of national activities and initiatives for different target groups, including children, parents and teachers. For instance the succesfull website, created for young people who need information, advise or help with online problems as online bullying, abuse, grooming, etc.
As part of the public private partnership program Digiveilig (, has a strong network of national stakeholders which support the awareness centre by knowledge, experience and contacts. UPC, KPN, Ziggo, NVB, IBM, SIDN, CA-ICT and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs are, next to the European Commission, funding the program. works closely with the national hotline combatting child pornograpfhy on the Internet: Meldpunt Kinderponro op Internet. Togehter, both organizations form the national Safer Internet Centre which recieves funding from the European Commission. Meldpunt receives and handles reports from Dutch citizens about sexual abuse on the Internet. Besides the reporting website, Meldpunt also operates a reporting website where youngsters and their parents can report if they have been confronted with online sexual abuse.


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