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Safer Internet Day 2014 in the Netherlands

How do youngsters keep themselves safe online? Do they know how and where to get help when they have a negative experience online? What can industry, government and politics do to help?
On Safer Internet Day on 11th of February 2014 the Dutch Safer Internet Centre releases new research about what youngsters do when they experience something on the internet they do not like (also related to that was launched during Safer Internet Day 2012).
To also involve industry, government, politician and national experts a group of professionals is invited to discuss the results of this new research during a talkshow. Part of the discussion is the story about Freek. This thirteen year old boy has become victim of identity fraud: bullies stole his identity and misused it. They made fake facebook and twitter accounts, used photoshop to create all sorts of humiliating images with his picture and also made movies about him on YouTube. Within no time this ‘Freek’ had ten thousands of ‘fans’ all over the world. Result: it is impossible for the real Freek to build a online life. And above that: when new friends, class mates and later potential employers google his name an image will appear that he did not create. Freek and his mother tried everything to get the insulting images offline, but unfortunately that did not work out. The mother of Freek now even considers changing the name of Freek. My Child Online initiated a campaign to get attention for the story of Freek, Digibewust supports this campaign.
After the talkshow the premiere of the theater show LIKE ME will take place. This show is about bulling and the influence of social media. The show – made by theater group PlayBack – is meant for parents of youngsters (11-18 years old). Parents get insight in the struggle of youngsters to fit in. UPC Nederland, Digibewust, Pestweb and Stichting Kinderpostzegels are supporting this project.

About Digibewust
As part of the EU Safer Internet Program, Digibewust raises awareness and informs Dutch citizens about using the internet and new technologies in a safe and responsible way. Digibewust initiaties, coordinates and participates in a broad range of national activities and initiatives for different target groups, including children, parents and teachers.
As part of the public private partnership program Digivaardig & Digiveilig (, Digibewust has a strong network of national stakeholders which support the awareness centre by knowledge, experience and contacts. UPC, KPN, Ziggo, NVB, IBM, SIDN, CA-ICT and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs are, next to the European Commission, funding the program.


Digibewust works closely with the national hotline combatting child pornograpfhy on the Internet: Meldpunt Kinderponro op Internet. Togehter, both organizations form the national Safer Internet Centre which recieves funding from the European Commission. Meldpunt receives and handles reports from Dutch citizens about sexual abuse on the Internet. Besides the reporting website, Meldpunt also operates a reporting website where youngsters and their parents can report if they have been confronted with online sexual abuse.


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