NEW ZEALAND Safer Internet Day Committee NEW ZEALAND Safer Internet Day Committee

 Safer Internet Day 2014. "Let's create a better internet together"


Greetings from New Zealand. The First SID committee to welcome in the 11th of February (Thanks to the earths rotation and the creation of an International Dateline)

NetSafe Inc. are delighted to be supporting this 11th Annual Safer Internet Day, with its focus this year on creating a better internet together. 

Like many places in the world that are geographically isolated, we have seen first hand the unique transformative nature of technology as it "disrupts" our way of life, and extends opportunities to many of our citizens that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. However, as an organisation that provides help and support to those citizens through every aspect of their on-line lives we also see the darker side of peoples interactions with each other on-line.

This year, to mark the day, NetSafe along with The Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and the New Zealand National commission for UNESCO have developed a resource aimed at promoting the conversations around online privacy between, teachers, parents and young people. Our aim was to develop a framework that would initiate discussion about the challenges that go alongside maintaing privacy online. OWLS ( is a framework that hopefully does just that. The OWLS were released this morning, by the our associate education minister Nikki Kaye, and we hope that they will find a home in many classrooms across New Zealand.

We have also made a request for schools to try and capture a snapshot of how students see digital citizenship on this day, and we will be collecting and publishing the results of that process soon.

NetSafe will continue working to support educators to foster a culture of digital citizenship in young people throughout New Zealand. Both the 
myLGP website, and more recently the 4th generation NetSafe Kit for Schools have been developed to bring together our understanding of digital citizenship, with best practice classroom activity and a forum for educators, researchers and administrators to talk about how best to promote a culture of rights and responsibilities inside our schools and beyond into our wider communities. We hope that by working together, we can indeed make the Internet a better place for us all.

We wish all Safer Internet Day 2014 participents the best of luck in all of their collective endeavours across the day, and look forward to seeing and hearing what a great success it has been.

Sean Lyons
Chief Technology Officer

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