Oman safer internet day committee Oman safer internet day committee
Oman National CERT was officially launched in April 2010 to analyse risks and security threats that may be present in cyberspace and communicates this information to users of Internet services and technical information outlets, whether they are public or private institutions, or individuals. This added sense of security will also help to build trust when using government eServices. With the current emphasis on expanding and positioning the Official eGovernment Services Portal as the point of contact using government electronic services, enabling users to feel confident interacting with these services is crucial.

Oman National CERT Is leading number of high effective Cyber security awareness initiatives and programs. OCERT also provide different proactive and reactivate services to a broad range of constitutes from the public,  Government sector and Critical National Infrastructure.
Safer Internet Day 2014
- Capacity building
- Awareness sessions
- Social media campaign
What are you doing to help create a better internet? 
Developing a comprehensive cyber security national strategy by focusing on the well known five cyber security pillars; organizational structure, capacity building,  Regional and international cooperation, legal measures and technical measures, ensure the process of creating a better internet environment for all Internet users within the country. 



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