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Lauching of the Safer Internet Centre application

The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre will be launching on the 10th of February a mobile application for IOS and Android. It will allow people to have all the information about online risks and its prevention with the possibility to share it with the Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. The application will also have a direct link to the helpline and to report illegal content to the hotline.

SID Celebrations in ICT & Society Network

The SID 2015 will be celebrated all over Portugal  with the help of local partners such as Municipalities, Public libraries, NGO's, Digital Inclusion Centres, Public Libraries, School Libraries, City Halls, Parishes, Cultural and Leisure Associations, amongst other institutions that work towards the improvement of digital literacy and digital safety.

All of these partners received a kit with all the resources and tutorials produced by the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre developed for awareness and training initiatives for children, teenagers, educators, parents and social workers, as well as continuous guidance and resources in hard copy.

At this moment 74000 people will profit from awareness actions between the 9th and the 28th of February 2015, with the help of more than 80000 resources in hard copy shipped through the postal services.

SeguraNet week Initiative

The awareness team for the Portuguese Schools (Seguranet) will be promoting, between 9th and the 13th of February 2015, activities that engage all the school community and students' families accordingly to the theme ‘Let's create a better Internet together’.

Seminar «Together we’ll create a better Internet»

The Directorate General for Education (DGE), in partnership with ICT Competence Center Softci├¬ncias under the SeguraNet project, will hold a seminar on "Safer Internet Day 2015: Together we’ll create a better Internet," in Coimbra, on February 10th  2015, from 10h00 to 17h00.

This seminar aims to point out the initiative "Safer Internet Day" which is organized by  the Insafe network, to promote a critical and responsible use of technology and mobile devices, especially among children and young people around the world.

SID Microsoft Volunteer Scheme 2014

Microsoft will lead, on the 10th of February 2015, the partnership Microsoft Volunteer Scheme that will gather more than 400 volunteers from Microsoft and the GNR Police Force (similar to the Gendarmerie)  to perform Internet Safety training sessions in schools, a work that counts with the involvement of Portuguese Municipalities and also Non-governmental Organizations that work with disadvantaged publics. More than 30000 children will be covered by this initiative.

Habbo Hotel Awareness Action

The PT SIC alongside with Habbo Hotel Community will promote an activity to all Portuguese language players (children and teenagers). It will be open a form were teenagers (between 11-18 years old) will write their biggest concerns about Internet Safety and online Risks. All the information will be treated and grouped in major topics. On the 10th of February, during one hour, the PT SIC will be online in a special chat room with audience of 400+ to give advice on how to tackle the main issues and worries identified by the youngsters. 


The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre (Centro Internet Segura) is partnership of four entities, namely:

Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) is the main funding agency for research in Portugal also with the mission of coordinating the policies for the Information Society and mobilizing it through dissemination, qualification and research activities.  FCT is the main coordinator of the PT SIC and the technical coordinator of the hotline.

Directorate-General for Education (DGE) is under the Ministry of Education and Science, and amongst others, has the mission to conceive, develop and evaluate the initiatives concerning the use of Internet in schools and in learning processes. DGE is the coordinator of the awareness node for schools.

Portuguese Institute for Sports and Youth (IPDJ) a public institute that addresses sports and youth, having in its mission also the promotion of scientific and technical knowledge, particularly concerning ICT, as a way to prepare, train and support the community, mostly young people. IPDJ is the technical coordinator of the helpline.

Microsoft Portugal is part of Microsoft Corporation with a key role in the spreading of information technology usage and the promotion of digital inclusion with a strong input in educational activities. Security is one of the areas where Microsoft has been working with public and private institutions to promote the safe usage of information technologies.

Mission and structure

The Internet Segura Project started in 2007 was created under the strategic orientation to assure privacy and security in the use of the Internet, more specifically, to guarantee that all the citizens have access and are able to access and to manage tools that can protect them from the risks that might derive from the use of the Internet. The main goals of the project are: to report illegal contents in the Internet, to minimize the effects of illegal and harmful contents ; to promote the safe use of the Internet and to raise awareness in society for the risks associated to the use of the Internet.

Action Nodes

a. An Awareness Node – with an objective to educate and raise awareness among the general public about online safety, with a particular focus on raising awareness of children, parents and teachers on how to stay safe online. This work is mostly led by FCT when it comes to the general public and the DGE when it comes to the school community.

b. A Hotline – Linha Alerta, for the public to report illegal content on the Internet in an anonymous way.  After receiving a report, FCT works in partnership with the online industry, law enforcement, government, and international partners to eliminate or diminish the accessibility of this content, specifically child pornography images hosted anywhere in the world.

c. A Helpline – Linha Ajuda, to provide help to children, young people and adults with any online safety question they may have and to give support to the ones that are facing problems themselves.  The helpline provides phone, email and online chat services.

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