ROMANIA Safer Internet Centre ROMANIA Safer Internet Centre

The overall objective of the Saferinternet RO project,, is to promote Internet safety for children by establishing a Romanian combined Node consisting of a Hotline, a Helpline and awareness activities. Beside this, the project aims to provide teachers, parents and child protection specialists with knowledge and tools for protecting their children in the new technological environment. The node that is developing this project in Romania is created by a Consortium comprising of two non-governmental organizations with extensive expertise in areas directly connected to children’s rights, to child protection and to the current technologies which might call for special preventive measures. 

Save the Children Romania (as the program’s coordinator) has been developing, ever since 1990, social and educational programs for all children, child rights monitoring activities, paying special attention to children in difficulty.

The Romanian Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children – FOCUS has had an important contribution in the decrease of child disappearance and sexual exploitation phenomena through: awareness campaigns for parents and children, mass media involvement, authorities and volunteers' activities.

Safer Internet Day 2015 in Romania

In order to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2015 the Consortium in Romania has organized a contest for children, schools, teachers and kindergartens, inviting them to send their presentations on relevant digital resources, reflecting this year's challenge: Let's create a better internet together! The contest had over 300 entries, involving more than 800 children and 300 teachers. The winners will be announced on  Safer Internet Day, February 10th 2015.  


On the same day, in Bucharest, a round table will be held, which will gather students, teachers, psychologists, relevant authorities such as Ministry of Education and Child Protection Agency, but also private sector representatives. Discussions will stem from the latest Save the Children research on children's Internet behaviour and will include a debate on the digitalization of classrooms and the use of digital resources within the educational system.   


The Sigur.Info project has been also promoting February as Safer Internet Month, in which we invite all teachers to hold events in schools accross the country. Local events will be held in approximately 400 schools throughout the country, with teachers and Save the Children volunteers conducting informative sessions on the importance of internet safety.