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Safer Internet Centre – Russia is a combined Safer Internet Centre which includes an awareness-raising and research division, hotline, helpline and Youth Panel. The Centre was founded in 2008 by ROCIT (Internet-society NGO) and Soprotivlenie (victim support NGO) and works under support of Civic Chamber of Russian Federation and Child Ombudsman of Russian Federation. Since 2010, Safer Internet Centre - Russia is a member of Insafe network. Since 2012, Safer Internet Centre runs a prototype for Russian National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children which includes all Safer Internet Centre functions and brings them on the level of ensuring full child welfare and safety environment in present information society. The project is now known under the brand "Ne Dopusti!".

Safer Internet Centre – Russia runs Safer Internet Day activities in Russia since 2008. Also, the Centre is a bridge for cooperation and partnership by government, industry and civil society for making the Internet a safer and more comfortable place for children and families.

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Safer Internet Day – 2014 activities in Russia

Safer Internet Centre – Russia and ROCIT since 2008 traditionally run Safe Runet Week (rus. Nedelya Bezopasnogo Runeta) – a group of public awareness-raising events dedicated to Safer Internet Day. This year the Week will start on February 3 and end on February 11. Also, on February 19 the traditional Safer Internet Day Forum will be held (postponed this year due to the Sochi Olympic Games) called CyberSecurity Forum.

As usual, the events of Safe Runet Week will be traditionally held in Moscow and regions of Russia. They include conferences, roundtables, exhibitions, promotions of safer internet services and awareness-raising programmes. For the second year the main events of the Week will go beyond the territory of Moscow. Some of the events are:

  • February 3 - Conference "Friendly Internet for Children", the city of Vladimir;

  • February 5 – Traditional videoconference for out-of-school educators between Moscow and regions of Russia. The event will be traditionally held in Russian State Children’s Library, regional spots will be held in regional NGOs and youth libraries. Over 100 participants are expected, including regional Youth Panels; 
  • February 8 – Communication seminar for civil volunteers;
  • February 11 – Youth Online Safety Seminar, held in Russian International Friendship University.
  • February 19, formally after Safe Runet Week - SID Forum in Russian Trade and Commerce Chamber.

More information about Safer Internet Day – 2014 activities in Russia can be found on the Safe Runet Week website:

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