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Media Literacy Council

At the 10th anniversary of SID in 2013, Singapore participated in the Safer Internet Day for the first time, spearheaded by the Media Literacy Council (MLC). The MLC works in partnership with Industry, Community and Government to promote an astute and responsible participatory culture. One of the roles of MLC is to advise the Government on research, trends and developments pertaining to the Internet and media, and appropriate policy responses. Another role is to develop public awareness and education programmes relating to media literacy and cyber wellness.


Safer Internet Day 2015

This year, the Council will launch a public education campaign to recognise good on the Internet. We have looked around cyber space and found 50 special people and groups who we think embody the spirit of a better internet.


These are people who are making a better Internet in their own way, be it just posting a kind word, a constructive comment, being a voice of reason, or by using the Internet to start a social cause. All of them are ordinary folks but have chosen to make the online world a better place through their own ways.

Be inspired. Check out what they have done and said at  from 10 February onwards!

Think about it. A better internet is our choice really. It’s up to us to stay safe, be smart and play nice online.


Start by posting a positive message today with the hashtag #betterinternetsg


iZ HERO Challenge

On Safer Internet Day 2015, the iZ HERO Grand Finale Challenge will be held at the Singapore Science Centre. Students and schools who have emerged top of the 2014 IZ HERO Challenge will be receiving awards. The 2015 iZ HERO Challenge will also be launched as a global initiative encouraging children to safely and creatively use digital media to help others.  

The iZ HERO Challenge is an interactive classroom programme that inculcates in children the discipline to use digital media responsibly, to be guided by a sound value system, and to have the courage in speaking out against cyber bullying.

It is the brainchild of Dr Park Yuhyun of the Nanyang Technological University, and is supported by the Media Literacy Council, Science Centre, Touch Cyber Wellness, and the Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee. 


Student-led Projects

The Council works with the Singapore Kindness Movement to support student-led projects to encourage internet users to be kind and gracious online.  Kindness and graciousness are important values that would contribute to a better, positive and enriching internet environment.

In 2015, we are supporting two groups of students to kick start their youth campaigns:

“Brolls over Trolls : To encourage social media users to adopt positive online behaviour by identifying with a new symbol, “Broll”. The broll is the anti-thesis of a troll. Users can also nominate their friends as “Brolls” and send them an appreciation email through their website ( 

Wired Warriors : To encourage youths to critically evaluate and create responsible content, as well as to be kind online, particularly on Instagram, by providing tips through a “Wired Warriors Survival Guide” ( 


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