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The Slovenian Awareness Center SAFE.SI is celebrating Safer Internet Day with a large campaign and with the key message of creating a better internet together: 

  • Celebrating the whole month of February as a “Safer Internet Month” with different activities created and implemented. The activities and events are  organised in close cooperation with different stakeholders and project supporters; 
  • Launching the new video promoting the Safer Internet Centre Slovenia "Solutions for all online issues";
  • A webinar for youth on the topic of Online reputation will take place on 10th of February 2015;
  • Activities for schools: schools are joining SID 2015 celebrations and registering for an online kit with activities and goodies for schools; See the schools registered so far at the map below:

  • Launching new resources, flipped learning video materials, decisions trees ...;
  • Conducting a number of trainings for parents/teachers and workshops for pupils in cooperation with different stakeholders;
  • Launching different Facebook campaigns, encouraging our fans to be actively involved in discussions and exchange of their views and opinions. 


What we are doing to help create a better internet... 

The mission of the national awareness–raising campaign is to inform children and adolescents, how they can responsibly and safely use new technologies such as the internet and mobile phones.

The project is oriented towards informing the following target groups: teachers, parents, children and teenagers as regards the benefits and risks of ICT use through a carefully designed awareness–raising campaign and to raise awareness of safer, responsible and ethical use of the Internet and other communication technologies.

In close co–operation with national stakeholders we develop information material, organise events, such as Safer Internet Day, organise educational sessions such as workshops for parents, children and teachers, competitions for pupils, seminars for social workers, maintain a fully informative web page at and work closely with all Slovenian projects in the area of safer Internet usage.



Slovenian Safer Internet Centre has three components:

The Slovenian Safer Internet Centre is run in a consortium of four partners: the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universtiy of Ljubljana, the Slovenian Friends of Youth Association ZPMS, Youth Information and Counseling Center of Slovenia MISSS and the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia ARNES.


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