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PROTEGELES is the organization of child protection which coordinates the Safer Internet Centre of Spain. Protegeles is member of INHOPE, INSAFE and eNACSO, and it has been awarded with the UNICEF´s 2013 Award for Child Protection. PROTEGELES´s work is focused on three main areas: the reporting of illegal contents (Hotline), the creation and development of Helplines and the training of children and adults in the “safe and responsible use of ICT” (awareness campaigns).

The Hotline of PROTEGELES receives an average of 3,000 reports per month about illegal or inappropriate online contents for children, collaborating with the Spanish police and the Civil Guard. The helplines are supported by teams of psychologists, lawyers and safety experts who have dealt more than 1,400 cases on cyberbullying, sexual harassment (grooming), sexting and others Internet-specifics issues. As awareness Centre, PROTEGELES, have trained more than 180,000 children at more than 1,500 schools throughout Spain, as well as teachers, parents, hospital staff and members of the Police and Civil Guard.

PROTEGELES also works closely with the industry of Internet, mobile phone companies and Social Networks. We have performed awareness campaigns and trainings to volunteers and the employees of those companies. PROTEGELES´s hotline promoted the implementation of a "Report Button" with the industry, which redirect to the Hotline and it have been adopted by most of the mobile companies.

In Spain, PROTEGELES holds meetings with their Youth Panels (15 students from each school, between 11 and 16 years old), which are organized in several Autonomous regions nearly every month, as a space for discussion on different emerging issues about the safe and responsible use of the Internet and mobile phones. The Youth Panels contribute with important information which helps to anticipate situations of risk and help to develop effective’s strategies among parents, teachers or children. The conclusions reached at the different meetings will be presented at the “III National Congress Young and Networked”, on the Safer Internet Day 2014. 

Safer Internet Day 2014

The main event on the Safer Internet Day 2014 (SID 2014) in Spain, will be the “III NATIONAL CONGRESS: YOUNG AND NETWORKED", at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain. 

The event will be opened by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications of the Ministry, Mr. Victor Calvo- Sotelo and the president of Protégeles, Mr. Guillermo Cánovas. 

Along with the Industry, the events will also count with the participation of professionals of the education (as teachers, headmaster, etc.), ICT Professionals, students representatives of our Youth Panels, etc. 

Adults and children will present to the society their views on "the relationships that children establish with Internet and ICTs" and they will highlight the need to achieve a better and safer Internet. The roundtables of the Congress will be shaped by adults and children who will debate especially on the role of the mobile connectivity, the role of some Applications for smartphones and tablets to be used in the school and learning environment, etc. with the aim of work on the slogan of this year: “Let´s create a better Internet together”.

In the National Congress for the SID 2014, Protégeles will also present the findings of the study: "Minors and Mobile Connectivity in Spain: Tablets and Smartphones”, completed in January 2014.

Throughout the Safer Internet Day, PROTEGELES will conduct many training and awareness activities, in collaboration with other institutions of child protection, ICTs companies, schools, television, radios, parent´s associations and Departments of Education in different Autonomous Communities all over Spain.

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