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The Swedish Media Council has organised Safer Internet Day in Sweden since 2004, as a member and representative of the pan-European network Insafe, with financial support from EU's Safer Internet Programme and in cooperation with the NGO BRIS, Children’s Right in Society

Join us for Safer Internet Day 2014

Media and information literacy week

In celebration of Safer Internet Day 2014 we are introducing the Media and Information Literacy Week on the 10-14th of February. Various reports and resources will be launched and discussed during the week, putting the spotlight on children’s and young people’s media use from different angels to deepen our understanding and provide tools to teachers, librarians and parents.

The activities include the launch of a report from the Swedish helpline about the IT-related supportive contacts, giving voice to young people’s experiences. The results from a new survey about parents’ view on their children’s media habits will be presented, as well as a new lesson plan for schools. On SID itself the Media Council is launching the brand new MIL online platform - The MIL room - a fact and resource web for professionals and parents on media and information literacy. Also the No hate speech campaign will have activities on Friday the 14th of February.

The MIL room web site consists of three main areas, focusing on the role of media in society, information management and critical thinking, and interactive and social media. The platform offers basic facts and figures, lesson plans, questions to reflect upon, tutorials, links to pedagogical material, and statistics about the media habits of children and young people. The aim is to support and empower the target groups in their efforts to increase media literacy among children and young people and to provide the knowledge and know-how for a safer internet use.

More information about SID and the MIL week can be found on our web site www.statensmedierad.se, as the week unfolds. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A better internet

Working for a better internet among children and young people is a broad and complex area of work. The needs and expectations on what internet provides (or should provide) varies greatly, all the while everyone is affected daily in various ways by digital media. At the Swedish Media Council we address issues of a better or safer internet within the larger scope of media and information literacy. Sometimes it is necessary to understand the role of media in modern society to feel and act confidently online, and sometimes even young users need to grasp the commercial logic of social media to acquire both motivation and skills to protect your personal information online.

The main focus of the awareness work of the Swedish Safer Internet Centre is to increase media and information literacy among professionals and parents, so they can better support children and young people in their everyday media use. The internet is both what we make of it in our everyday practice, and something so immense and complex that we as individual users are rather powerless. The first steps towards a better internet is thus a critical understanding of how it works and how to assess and interpret its contents - related to the most widespread activities online. And for adults wanting to support children and young people, it is crucial to be aware of the needs and incentives governing media uses and trends.

Swedish Safer Internet Centre

The Swedish Media Council is a national authority working with children's and young people's media situation, with the aim to reduce the risks of harmful effects of the media and to empower the children in their media use. The council covers all moving image media, i.e. the internet, film, television, computer and video games. The Council is also responsible for the Swedish film classification to determine whether films are liable to harm the well-being of children in different age groups.

BRIS is an NGO who supports children in distress and acts as a link between children, adults and the community. All of BRIS's support services are based on volunteer work; its financial support comes from corporate and individual donors and to a small extent from governmental grants. All volunteers have experience working with children and young people and have passed the BRIS training programme.





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