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The Swedish Media Council has organised Safer Internet Day in Sweden since 2004, as a member and representative of the pan-European network Insafe, with financial support from EU's Safer Internet Programme and in cooperation with the NGO BRIS, Children’s Right in Society

Join us for Safer Internet Day 2015

Media and information literacy week

The Swedish Safer Internet Centre will celebrate Safer Internet Day 2015 during a whole week: the Media and Information Literacy Week (February 9 - February 13) – the MIL-week. During the MIL-week the Swedish Awareness Centre will raise awareness of media and information literacy. We will do this through our websites and social media channels:
www.statensmedierad.se and mik.statensmedierad.se,
Social media: Facebook -
https://www.facebook.com/medieradet and Twitter - https://twitter.com/statensmedierad

On February 10, SID, we will release some statistics on the media habits of Swedish children and young people (the full report "Kids & Media" will be released in April). We will put the statistic in a context of MIL.

We have already, this week, started communicating the MIL-week, by releasing a pedagogical tool and encouraging teachers to plan to use it during the MIL-week. The tool is an instruction to teachers how to discuss children’s and young people’s media use during a 60 minutes lesson. The tool is called “Vilja veta!”, translated: “Want to know!”. It can be downloaded here: http://www.statensmedierad.se/upload/_pdf/Lararmaterial_ViljaVeta.pdf (More information on the tool is here: http://mik.statensmedierad.se/nyheter/2015/01/vilja-veta-en-lektion-om-var-medievardag)

The Swedish Awareness Centre has also shared information on what others do during SID, and given suggestions how everyone can engage themselves during MIL-week: http://mik.statensmedierad.se/nyheter/2015/01/snart-dags-for-mik-veckan We inform that Surfa Lugnt - a national industry association - will give out their annual award on Safer Internet Day. The award will be given to an initiative that in a positive way encourage communication and knowledge exchange online. This will be done during a panel discussion in parliament and the event will be streamed live on SurfaLugnt.se


Swedish Safer Internet Centre

The Swedish Media Council is a national authority working with children's and young people's media situation, with the aim to reduce the risks of harmful effects of the media and to empower the children in their media use. The council covers all moving image media, i.e. the internet, film, television, computer and video games. The Council is also responsible for the Swedish film classification to determine whether films are liable to harm the well-being of children in different age groups.

BRIS is an NGO who supports children in distress and acts as a link between children, adults and the community. All of BRIS's support services are based on volunteer work; its financial support comes from corporate and individual donors and to a small extent from governmental grants. All volunteers have experience working with children and young people and have passed the BRIS training programme.  



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